LITZ EP Release Party pearl street warehouse

December 9, 2019 – Psychedelic funk band LITZ has just released a new single “Summertime Blues” in anticipation of their EP The Bigger Picture Vol. 1 due to release on December 21, 2019.  LITZ fans may recognize the feel good track from their live repertoire, as they have been spreading their “cure for the Summertime blues” live at festivals this past Summer and recently came off a whirlwind month-long tour all over the country at venues including Larimer Lounge in Denver, CO, The Pour House in Charleston, SC, and Nectar’s in Burlington, VT.

LITZ was formed in 2013 with their roots heavy in jam and funk, led by vocalist, keyboard player and saxophone/flute player Austin Litz.  The band has since tightened up their sound and member lineup with his brother Logan Litz on bass, Dan Gellerman on guitar, and Nick Thrasher on drums.  Their instrumental skills have been skyrocketing and they are always pushing the envelope of their sound by experimenting with improvisational, psychedelic, and electronic elements. LITZ is proving to stand in a genre all their own.

“Summertime Blues” was recorded at Riot City Studios in Morgantown, WV, with Tommy Bailey.  Additional production on the track was done by Will S. and Austin Litz.  The song has sing-a-long lyrics with poetic depth, and an upbeat bounce along with complex saxophone work that is the star of the show of this track. When asked about the inspiration behind this song, Austin said “‘Summertime..’ is about the realities of a touring musician and the sacrifices made, reminding us why we are out here doing this, which is ultimately to bring music to the fans and to the world.”  In explaining the overall theme and message of the song he cites the lyrics “…climbing up velvet, dangling for the view, we traveled the world, to bring this to you…finding is a journey, bleeding hands at my side, stain velvet red, it’s my last kiss goodbye, again and again.”

“Summertime Blues” serves as just a small preview of the EP The Bigger Picture Vol. 1 that is to come in late December, be sure to join the celebration at their EP Release December 21, 2019 at Pearl St. Warehouse in Washington, DC, with support from RadiiRSVP to the event here and listen to the new track for yourself below or on Soundcloud. The track will be released on all major streaming services in the next couple of weeks.