Dates: August 3, 4, 5 2018(Connoisseur Campers arrive 8/2)
Location / Address Change:

The Kind Mind Campout and Campout Cup is a three day music festival built around the growing cannabis industry  in Maine. The festival is hosted by a seasoned crew of event producers and recently changed their venue to Hemonds MX and Offroad Park in Minot, Maine, so be sure to update your travel plans.  The festival hopes to attract a diverse clientele interested in cannabis culture, art, music and community. The three days will be filled with musical acts, cannabis competitions and workshops, artists forums and talks and art.

This is the first festival of its kind on the East Coast of the United States. The event is designed to bolster Maine’s emerging cannabis industry and the community surrounding the multi-billion dollar industry of legal recreational cannabis, helping to grow awareness, spark activism, and educate people about the benefits of marijuana.

This is a unique opportunity for patients, patrons, and providers to come together in a communal environment to celebrate the power and creativity of those on the cutting edge of Maine’s cannabis industry. The Campout Cup is an excellent opportunity for education, networking, cross promotion and development in a beautiful setting. With eclectic offerings like a  celebrity panel of judges featuring Alex Grey, Patrick Roach (Randy from the Trailer Park Boys) ,  Marc Brownstien from the Disco Biscuits, and many more, there’s sure to be something  for everyone.

There will be stage takeovers by Mutiny, FractalTribe, and Sermon Nation, and a glass Art Gallery curated by Jason Burruss.  The musical lineup is stacked with artists like headliner Matisyahu, improv electronic due EOTO, RJD2, Space Jesus and more.  Live painters include Alex & Allyson Grey, Otis Chamberlain, Gabriel Welch, Stephen Kruse, and more. Whether you are there for the music, art, or the cannabis culture, there is something for everyone to titillate the senses.

General Admission tickets are currently $165 and include parking and walk-in camping, which is a steal for 3 days of amazing music and art.  You can upgrade to a car camping spot (limited available) for $50.  If you really want to immerse yourself in this experience, you will need the Connoisseur Camper Package, for which only 100 are available.  See the details below and why you won’t want to miss out on this special opportunity, as well as how to submit your own product into the Cannabis Cup.  We’ll see you there!

Connoisseur Camper Packages
(VIP / Judges Pass)
Our Connoisseur Campers are the driving force behind the Kind Mind Campout and Campout Cup. We count on you as a scene enthusiasts to be an active participant in our event, lending your opinion and commentary to valuable aspects of the Campout Cup. Connoisseur Campers will be our VIPs, and will be invited to exclusive events leading up to our show, including performances, workshops, seminars, showcases, and our Connoisseur Camper Orientation Welcome Party! All Connoisseur Campers need to apply and be approved prior to purchasing your pass. All Connoisseur Campers must be 21+ with a valid ID.     Only (100) Connoisseur Camper Passes will be made available.

Connoisseur Camper Pass  –   $710    (will go up to $1000 week of event)

1.) All CCP’s come with a luxury camping site w/ tent in the CC Village.
2.) All CCP sites come with electricity.
3.) CCP’s allow for 8/2/18 early arrival  (exclusive pre-party and CC orientation )
4.) CCP’s will come with a promotional code for you to give to up to 3 additional patrons (21+ with valid ID)  that will allow them to purchase a non-judge early arrival, as well as CC Village camping credential ($50).    This is the only credential available to grant access to the CC Village or early arrivals.
5.) CCP’s  come with basic furnishings to start. –  This includes (2) cots, a carpet, a small table (2) pillows and (2) sets of bedding.   CC’s will have the option upon purchase to upgrade their  package to (4) cots, (2) twin sized real beds, or a fully furnished room with a queen sized bed.  An add ons  catalog of additional furnishing and gear will be made available and  patrons may add any number of add ons to any package for just $10 per item.
6.) Parking (right next to the CC Village) is included.
7.) CC’s will have special performances and giveaways that take place in the  CC Village lounge  available only to them.

To become a Connoisseur Camper visit the website

*The Kind Mind Campout  it’s partners and/or producers do not actually sell or distribute any cannabis or product that contain THC. The Kind Mind Campout  sells it’s Connoisseur Camper Pass applicants accommodations and event access. Any additional offerings presented are not provided by The Kind Mind Campout or any entities contracted for remuneration.

Follow the link below for LEGAL/COMPLIANCE information *

Celebrity Judges: Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Patrick Roach (Randy from the Trailer Park Boys) , Marc Brownstiein from tDB, Supersillyus, and more.
Speakers: Aj (Aj’s Sour Diesel), Nikka T, Bobby Nuggz, Ellen Brown, and many more.

Submission info:
Approved drop off locations: Bangor, Newport, Waterville, Augusta, and  Portland, Maine.

Submissions for cannabis competition deadline 7/4/2018

Must be 21+ • $250 entry fee • All entries receive ONE GA Pass to the festival

Primary Categories:

Secondary Categories:
•CBD Only
•Best overall product

First place for primary categories is approximately 5k in cash and prizes.