WHAT: Roots Duet: Harmony Singing, Original Songs

WHO: The Honey Dewdrops

DATE & TIMEFriday 2/2/18  8:00pm

WHERE: The Bright Box Theater

15 N. Loudoun St.  Winchester, VA

COST: $12adv, $15door


The Honey Dewdrops bring their unique blend of folk and roots music to Winchester, VA on Friday, Feb.. 2nd for a show at the Bright Box Theater. The concert starts at 7pm and also features Winchester’s own Someone To Ride The River With.

Laura  Wortman  and  Kagey  Parrish,  The  Honey  Dewdrops,  are  celebrating  their  9th  year of  touring,  having  played  stages  and  festivals  far  and  wide  in  North  America and  Europe.  With  tight harmonies  and  an  musical  ensemble  that  includes  clawhammer banjo,  mandolin  and  guitars, the effect  is  to  leave  listeners  with  only  what  matters:  the heart  of  the  song  and  clarity over ornamentation.

After  leaving  their  home  base  of Virginia and  living  on  the  road  for  2  years, Laura  and  Kagey  now  call Baltimore, Maryland home  and  it’s  where  they  wrote  and  recorded  their fourth  full-length album, Tangled Country, released  May  2015.  Acoustic  Guitar Magazine  describes  the  set  of  songs as  “a  handcrafted  sound  centered  on  swarming harmonies  and  acoustic  guitars  that  churn  like a paddle wheel  and  shimmer  like  heat waves  on  the  highway.”  And  like  their  stage  performance,  these songs  rock  and  reel, and  then  they  console  you when you come back down.

Concert tickets are $12adv, $15doors. Ticket information is available through : www.brightboxwinchester.com/events/honeydrewdropsandstrtrw/

Handcrafted sound centered on swarming harmonies and acoustic guitars that churn like a paddlewheel and shimmer like heat waves on the highway  – Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Gorgeous harmonies, thrilling arrangements, and some remarkably insightful, honest writing  – Sing Out Magazine

On every song, love shines through – Baltimore Magazine