Crystal Clear: Unakite


By Rachel Hunter


If you’re looking for a stone that’s calming, but also has a powerful feminine energy, be sure to check out Unakite. Unakite is a beautiful type of jasper that is found in various shades of green and pink, or peach. It is made up of pink feldspar, green epidote and quartz. Just as contrasting as it’s colors, Unakite has a wide range of benefits and healing properties.

The stone’s name, Unakite is derived from a greek word meaning “growing together” and also from the location in which it was first found, amongst the Blue Ridge mountains in the Unaka Mountain Range in North Carolina. Unakite is also found in other various places in the United States, such as in Virginia and Michigan, as well as outside of the United States in Switzerland and Zimbabwe.

One of the most important and beneficial properties of this stone is an increase, or promotion of self love. The green feldspar inside of Unakite encourages loving yourself as you are, thus attracting and maintaining love from others. Unakite is also said to be very beneficial in overcoming buried, deep-rooted emotional pains, as well as allowing one to look past their own personal flaws, as well as others flaws, in order to radiate love more freely.

Unakite is a helpful tool in enhancing ones visionary abilities. The third eye and psychic visions are said to be heightened with the help of Unakite. It is also believed to help visualize and achieve things that you desire in your life, thus it’s a good stone to have during times of difficult transitions. It can help one overcome obstacles that get in the way of personal growth, as well as assist with abandonment and other traumatic emotional issues.

Aside from the many emotional benefits, Unakite has many great physical healing properties as well. It is said to be a helpful aid in sleeping, as many suggest placing a piece of Unakite under your pillow will help obtain a better nights rest, as well as a better understanding of your dreams. It is a good stone to have on hand in any environment or situation that may cause stress, such as at work, or in your car, as it is very grounding and stress relieving and gives off very peaceful vibes. Unakite can also be useful in the quitting of physical and mental addictions, as it removes the toxins from harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol over time and helps one release the deep rooted emotions that lay behind the addiction. It also promotes the growth of healthy tissue, assists in the function of the heart and lungs, as well as circulation.

Unakite is also helpful in removing toxins in the air from smog and the electromagnetic pollution from electronics. It is also a favorite stone for gardening and is an all around good stone to have on hand for protection.

The main reason I was drawn to this stone in particular was due to it’s strong feminine energy. Unakite is very beneficial to the female reproductive system and promotes fertility. It is believed to be very helpful during women’s pregnancies, keeping both the mother and the baby healthy, as well as during the birth of the child.  Overall, Unakite is a good stone to have on hand whether you are needing those every day grounding and positive vibes, or some more serious physical healing.