BIG SOMETHING – Tumbleweed CD release party 2.24.17 The Blind Tiger – Greensboro NC

Written by Maria Ekaterina

Photos by Roger Gupta

Big Something has been a favorite of mine since their now manager, Brian Mccormick, first mentioned them to me and later on gifted me their Truth Serum album. I lived in Greensboro North Carolina at the time, so hearing about Big Something, or even going to one of their shows was a must see, from what I heard about their live shows. In the last three years since I have heard their name, it has been incredible to see this band grow and blossom as a band and as individuals. Having moved to Virginia at the end of last summer, it was so exciting to get back to Greensboro last Friday for their Tumbleweed Album Release.

The Blind Tiger was packed, and not just with some of the best fans, but also vendors, and local support groups such as IRC (Interactive Resource Center of Greensboro).  Set up on the open patio area outdoors, where tables used to occupy the space, there was life, love and smiles for miles everywhere I looked. The new renovations at The Blind Tiger seemed appropriate, since it has recently changed ownership while keeping the same name. With these new renovations, the sound booth has moved to the back right corner of the venue opening up the entire area behind the newly added railing in front of the stage. The renovations open up the dance floor and allow a greater view of the stage as a whole. Their future plans include adding sliding garage doors to open up the whole patio area in the summer time. In the center of the room, there hangs a giant disco ball, ready to catch and illuminate the light at any moment.

Big Something really knows how to put on a phenomenal and always better than the last show. With surprises like a guest sit-in by Mike Gantzer of Aqueous, matching tuxedo shirts, and phenomenal lights by Cameron Grogan, this was one of their best shows yet. The first set started with “Tumbleweed” as the crowd welcomed them on stage with a loud “whooo-yea!” They had a packed set list with songs like “Blue Dream,” “The Flood,” “Big Time” by Peter Gabriel, “Song for Us” and even a little bit of the “King of the Hill” theme smoothly worked in before closing out their first set with “Passenger” and “UFOs.” These guys not only pack surprises along the way, they bring their individual personality to their shows, which never fails to put me in a good mood. The moment pause of anticipation in the middle of playing “The Flood” had everyone cheering and craving more as Big Something stood silent, frozen in time on stage under the red lights.

This band has some downright stanky funk to them too, as they unfolded a zesty, bouncy, and smooth rendition of Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time” with Mike Gantzer of Aqueous stepping in on guitar. Before playing their “Song for Us,” Nick gave a shout out to IRC of Greensboro for hosting a raffle and raising money for those who may find themselves homeless and in need of a little bit of help getting back on their feet. These guys really care about their community, and proudly support those in need within their abilities. This band has genuinely good vibes,  love to rock out and enjoy a good time. As Casey Cranford cracked open a beer on stage while playing “King of the Hill” theme song in transition to “Passenger” without missing a beat, the crowd went wild. I found myself mesmerized by the lights Cameron was twinkling; lighting up the whole place through multiple dimensions. Closing out their first set with “UFOs” are real and a room full of “frans” – friend fans – made the whole room light up with energy as their first set was coming to an end.

During the set break, I checked out a few tables set up on the patio offering all kinds of glitter decorations including beard glitter extensions for those who were brave enough to try it. I saw girls running around with faces full of glitter smiling while their glow reflected the millions of sparkly particles flying around them. Going to Big Something shows is like going to a family reunion, and you’re all welcome to join!  Between Doug’s hair shining like an intrepid jellyfish with iridescent tentacles as he stands on his moon mat, and Casey introducing the band during their Willie the Pimp and Cameron playing with the lights, it was one unforgettable and totally new Blind Tiger experience all together.

With the second set having songs such as “Megalodon” and “My Volcano,” they managed to continue song after song, without losing a beat, and bringing more and more energy with every note played. There is a room wide bounce that starts happening, as I’m looking around, and seeing people relaxing, and having the time of their life surrounded by good friends, old friends, new friends, and soon to be friends.  The version of “Megalodon,” played Friday night, blew my mind. Each note executed sharply, in perfect harmony and control, while allowing each member of the band to be an equal contributor, is really great to see, hear, and feel.

Second set had a well-balanced group of songs including “Hangover,” “Vibrations,” “Simple Vision,” “Baby O’ Riley” by the Who and “EWI 4000” before closing out the night with “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine. Calling it a night just a few minutes past two, the band quickly started to pack up and load the van as the lights came on and everyone started to gather outside for the evening’s final hugs and goodbyes before we all went our separate ways. Hearts filled with the love of Big Something’s love, and a night well spent with friends is exactly the kind of place I want to be. I was unable to make it to their show on Saturday night, but I can’t wait to see Big Something play at the Sycamore Deli in Blacksburg Virginia on February 28th. Another night hearing their incredible sounds just a few miles from my home, sounds pretty magical to me! I hope to see you in Blacksburg if I didn’t catch you in Greensboro.\



Greensboro, NC
The Blind Tiger

Tumbleweed >
Blue Dream >
The Flood
Big Time* (Peter Gabriel)
Song for Us
King of the Hill Theme Song** (The Refreshments) >
UFOs are Real

Club Step >
Jose’s Pistola
Willie the Pimp (Frank Zappa) >
My Volcano >
A Simple Vision >
Baba O’ Riley (The Who) >
EWI 4000

E: Wake Up (Rage Against the Machine)

Tumbleweed CD Release Party Night 1 of 2
* w/ Mike Gentler (Aqueous) on guitar
** first time played
entire show with Todd Pettit on percussion