Album Review:

Fractal Cat, The Tower

Written by Louisa Clarke

Fractal Cat’s new album, The Tower, is a visceral and potent album that has a powerful message for those living within the illusion that continuing with the same old routines and practices in a new age, will just not do. The album alludes to the symbolism of the Tower Tarot Card, which represents the destruction of old illusions and the revelations of truth brought forth through forces of destruction. The tower is all about the process of rapid change, beginning with unexpected events that throw chaotic disturbances into motion. The lyrics in the album play off this theme, revealing the truth only to bring forth awakening of dreams for a better world. The album’s songs jump from cautious tales about the old beliefs we hold on to, to playful jabs at the blatancy of the danger of falling prey to conformity. Turning a blind eye to the injustices we hear about each day should be cast into the fire, so we can evaluate all we thought we stood for.

All of the elements that create the unique sound of Fractal Cat are intact; electronically distorted sounds, whimsical flute solos, wailing electronic guitars, and unique vocals. Their original psychedelic sound  will send you floating around your room on a cloud. Add the extra playful and textural dynamic of chaotic, repetitive noise (including sheep noises!), piping flutes, and repetitive words, the affect is a liberating, joyful, and loving sound. Their music is more reminiscent of a chaotic symphony of sound, light and cheerful, but brooding and dark at times. Their music will remind you of The Beatles’ old timey feel, light and carefree, yet bringing pop-rock elements that remind you of more current rock. The band stays true to their original sound, psychedelia, and loving vibes.

The band illustrates a world influenced with corruption and division, and people who may be “dreamers,” and not in the John Lennon notion. The Fractal Cat album calls for this new era of peace, in a truly radical way.  if you are looking for a revolutionary anthem for the coming year, look no further. The Tower is a radical time of destruction and chaos, but an important part of the Fools journey to enlightenment. With people shaken from their dreams into a jolting reality; this album’s rallying cry is that the American Dream is farther away than we think.  With melodies that recreate the delusion of the fool, we are slowly eroded of our complacency with each lyrical passage.

The album has a ethereal and dreamy feel, which slips into radical calls for peace and strong calls of reconsideration of outdated beliefs. At times dark and gloomy, the point is to reveal the dangers of complacency and ignorance, and to shake dreamers into a new awakening. The band guides us through with energetic jams and fantastical imagery, using a mixture of darkness with enough hope speckled throughout to evoke a feeling that the vision of a more united world isn’t completely beyond our grasp.

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