It’s hard to think that there was ever a world without the Beatles.  They transcended generations, and I can remember even as a middle schooler seeing their CDs in my friends’ cases.  Were they the first rock band, or pioneers of pop?  Whichever one it was, you probably have a favorite Beatles album or song that you can recall right now.

In 1964 Beatles went on their first world tour, and America caught the Beatles fever.  It was Feb 7, 1964, exactly, when they landed at New York’s Kennedy Airport.  This iconic photo captured that very moment when “Beatlemania” sent teenage girls into an absolute frenzy.  In fact, it was hard to hear their music during the Ed Sullivan show two days later because of the audience’s screams of joy and passion.  The Beatles had just hit number one on the US charts with “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”

That first tour is a huge part of our musical and cultural history, which the Beatles continued to influence through their staggering discography of 18 albums and 30 top 10 US singles.  They disbanded in 1970, but their music will continue to inspire people of all ages.