Written by B.A. Jones

Photo by Roger Gupta

   In a spoon fed capitalist driven music industry, your daughters scream for boy bands. The average American child is exposed to this early, watching Nickelodeon and Disney channels. All to sell tickets, toys, t-shirts, bedding, and lunch boxes. To generate corporate millions as they perpetuate wholesomeness, with tattooed teens becoming impregnated by a perfectionists society. Music is more than a money making industry. Nothing affects us like music, and our memories are intertwined with musical moments in our lives. Any true music lover is ever questing those moments that seem to sing to our very essence. I call this music EARGANIC.

Earganic music is cultivated from musicians’ souls. It’s that song that causes joyful tears to stream down your face. That music that raises your hands and energy up to the universe, and give thanks for simply being here, to experience THIS moment. Earganic music makes babies in diapers wiggle, and the tree tops dance. Earganic music looks like fireflies blinking to the beat on a Summer’s night, and feels like the coolness of a forest on a blistering day.

Earganic music transcends our passion to an inter- dimensional level. Like those times I blasted off to Zoogma, watching the spirit realm dance harder than humans. How the very soil, also rejoicing, vibrated with the pure elemental energy; emanating ardor. Earganic music from a great lyricist like Ralph Roddenberry & Friends paints wondrous pictures in the movie in my mind. It’s the way the clarinetist from the Primate Fiasco makes your hips subconsciously sway. It’s how everyone around you at a Zach Deputy show is your dance partner, and all around you at a Mantras show get it how they live!

Earganic musicians like Ron Holloway, and Casey Cranford seem to attain all of my attention from everything else around me, and mesmerize me.  It’s how Gabriel Marin can WOW you, as you are simultaneously infected by John Ferrara at a Consider The Source show. I am grateful to appreciate earganic produce and to know the difference from mass produced. I am happy to be a farmer in our co-op, and to have Appalachian Jamwich to bring us all together. Musicians, writers, artists, and ravenous fans with something to say.  We are a community of like minded music lovers with much to offer humanity. Even though we need money to survive, it’s not about money. It’s about the music, and the impact it has on all our lives.

Earganic music makes a sleeping infant smile, and is the ingredient in a cook’s dish known as love. It gives us the strength and courage to fight cancer, even if you’re only ten years old. Music effects every aspect of our lives, and gives us something to live and fight for. It gives us an outlet for anguish and mourning, which would fester if left inside. It gives us the opportunity to meet new people and share in our infatuations. Earganic music tastes like 2 year aged raspberry moonshine, right from the freezer. It makes us say, “Mmmmmm”. So I say to all you  musicians in the Earganic Industry, please continue to cultivate our love and adoration. As long as you play your mandolin by the fireside, we will need your relaxation. As long as the stars shine down on campers, we shall revel. We will be here to harvest your deliciousness, knowing earganic music is produced locally, and spiritually.