Teddy Midnight Announces Release of Debut Studio LP Velvet Blue, Available on SoundCloud September 7, 2016

For about a year Brooklyn, NY’s Teddy Midnight has been pioneering a refreshing blend of jam-house-jazz that fans of bands like The New Deal, STS9, Lotus and Dopapod are going crazy over.

The quartet has shared stages in Manhattan with the talents of Twiddle and Kung Fu, selling out Irving Plaza and opening for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong at the Gramercy Theatre. Across the East River, their recent headlining set at the Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg was relished by many of their most ecstatic and hardcore hometown fans and new faces alike.

In addition to their Northeast tour dates, Teddy Midnight has been grabbing dancefloor attention during festival season at Rock n Roll Resort, Disc Jam, and The Werk Out. Fans are looking forward to promising time slots on the horizon at Great North and Luna Light as well.

Available on SoundCloud September 7th,Velvet Blue is a savory balance of electronic beats and jam band sensibilities glued together by spacious, primordial vibrations. Their nimble yet tectonic movements make booties shake and fingers snap all the same.

Velvet Blue, the band’s official debut LP, was performed entirely by Teddy Midnight, recorded at Telefunken Elektroakustik by Alan Venitosh, produced by Sean Silva (synthesizers/bass), and co-produced by drummer Adam Magnan.

The album consists of eight original tracks mainly composed by Silva, while “Veni Veni Veni” and “Tree-O-Tree” were written by Adam Magnan. “Bend” and “Blue Dreams” were written by the newest member, guitarist Wiley Griffin.

Stylistically, their freshman effort is diverse but cohesive while remaining fully danceable, garnering respect from fans of progressive music to those simply looking to move their feet. Magnan and Silva’s rhythm section is a versatile and constant foundation for the band’s newest additions, keyboard/synthesizer player Sean McAuley and Wiley Griffin to define the atmosphere and lead the listener through time and space.

Their sound stands out subtly, and that liquid element of Teddy Midnight’s performance on recording is a fantastic indicator of their sleek improvisational tendencies in the live setting.

Founding member Sean Silva is quoted, “We wanted to capture the sound of the new lineup, encompassing the personalities and musical tastes of all of us.  We knew the diversity would be hard to capture, and the best way to do that was to be fully involved with every step of the process.”


Teddy Midnight is pleased to be hosting a record release party at BRYAC in Bridgeport, CT on October 1, 2016.

Velvet Blue Track List:

  1. 1. Velvet Mist
    2. Turkish Silva
    3. Veni Veni Veni
    4. Popo Jijo
    5. Tree-O-Tree
    6. Boner Vista Social Club
    7. Bend
    8. Blue Dreams

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