Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Announces Domefest’s Full Lineup

The 7th annual Domefest, presented by up-and-coming funk outfit
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, released their initial lineup in January
with three nights of Pigeons, plus performances by BIG Something,
Splintered Sunlight (Grateful Dead tribute), Aqueous (x2), ELM (x2)
and many more. Taking place on Fort Royale Farm in Bedford, PA on May
19-21, the festival has added several more exciting performers,
including Consider the Source, The Mantras, McLovins, The Hornitz,
Scrambled Greg and many other rising stars listed on the bill above.


Tickets are available now for only $70 at www.domefestival.com. Join
the Flock for an unforgettable three nights of musical mayhem in the

Domefest 2016 Full Lineup:
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong (x3), Consider the Source, BIG Something,
The Mantras, Splintered Sunlight (Grateful Dead tribute), Aqueous
(x2), ELM (x2), Broccoli Samurai, McLovins, lespecial, The Hornitz,
Mister F, ShwizZ, Vibe & Direct, LITZ, Deaf Scene, Out of the
Beardspace, The Jauntee, Strange Machines, Sweet Earth, Puremotion,
Mateo Monk, Scrambled Greg, Star City Disco.