Taco ’bout it –
TAUKo ’bout TAUK – Isaac Teel
by Taco Olmstead

Most everyone in our jam scene culture and  community is familiar with TAUK. You’ve seen the name, likely have heard them, seen their live show and in all likelihood have come to enjoy what they have to offer. Whether it is the guitar styling of Matt Jalbert, the clever fills of Alric Carter, the rolling bass lines of Charles Dolan or the impressive drumming of Isaac Teel, the band offers up something for everyone. If you are fortunate to know each of these musicians as individuals, then you are aware of how much they have to offer to our community individually.


Which leads me to Isaac Teel. Isaac is arguably the most physical drummer currently gracing the stage if not the most stylistically animated. Watching Isaac play the drums is comparable to watching someone dance to your favorite song, it is a show unto itself. Isaac Teel exudes the rhythm of each song and if you are watching, physically projects that rhythm into the eyes of the viewer.




Isaac Teel offstage is even more charming than Isaac Teel onstage, and is working even harder! Isaac has the kind of smile that I love, it is not just contagious, it is a soulful smile that fills a room and everyone in it with a sense of familiarity that speaks with a warmth of a welcoming embrace. It just makes you feel good to be there. Speaking of embrace, if you get a hug from Isaac, use your nose, somehow, some way, this guy always manages to smell like he stepped out of a Moroccan incense factory, a rare feat for any touring musician.


Isaac Teel seems to have more going on offstage than onstage. For starters, he is a teacher/instructor at Global Arts to Go. From their website, “Global Arts to Go was started in 2005 with the vision to use cultural arts and education as creative, accessible tools to bring people together. Today, we are proud to share that our diverse team of 70 (and growing) talented specialists have worked with thousands of children and adults in every type of community setting imaginable. From beaches & parks…to schools…and sky-scrapers, GlobalArts to Go has enriched the lives of diverse audiences of all ages. We travel to different communities and bring our unique, custom-designed experiences to clients for single visits, or on-going residencies.”



Secondly, did you realize that Isaac Teel is also a vocalist and a damned good one I might add! His voice is thick and rich with tone, telling of a life seen and lived from so many different perspectives. His solo album, Isaac Sinclair: Gentleman’s Day, is an exploratory project into the R&B world of Isaac Sinclair, the Artist. The album is everything I have ever loved about R&B with the trademark smooth styling of “Mr. FunkNasty” himself.


Thirdly, Isaac is currently working on a documentary set for release in the coming months. The documentary, The FUNKumentary- Isaac Sinclair Is seemingly an art piece delving into the world of Isaac Sinclair and where the music is from, where the music goes and how far it may well end up going. This project is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of his career to me. I love film, I love drums, I love vocals, a potent combination for me. So keep your eye out for the release in the coming months, like Isaac and his personality, I fully expect this documentary to be larger than life.


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Isaac Teel: The Artist