Greener Grounds Photosynthesis Album Review

Low Down Sounds Review

Milo Levine

I get up, lay in bed for about 30 minutes, realize I have school, rush to brush my teeth before squeezing in a shower, put on music, realize it’s Greener Grounds, and am totally cool with that. The cool wind chime like piano and guitar riffs drag you into a trance. The unique blend of live instrumentals and electronic sound bits/effects really made Greener Grounds stand out in the jamtronica-type music feel.

Immediately the album sweeps me away in a reverie of happy times at Lotus concerts, almost uncannily so. Overall the album has a good groove and is fun to listen to all the way through. With clear influence being shown in smooth Grateful Dead-like tangents, to the bleeding across genres to almost reggae like feels in the guitar and keys, GG does a solid job at blending styles. Another noticeable aspect of the Greener Grounds’ new album is the nice foundation. So often jam-bands sound empty do to their lack of a low side. While listening to this album however, I was pleasantly surprised to find a solid sound through things like the “Jaco Wooten” influence found in the bass riffs and synths (it’s a bassist thing). Another notable aspect of the sound is the solid drummer. Many jamtronica artist use simple stock-like beats, relying primarily on the high-hat for a crisp sound, but fail to get a full supportive one. I really like how the drummer, AJ Gillman, was able to break from that and give some killer fills. His use of cymbals is just enough to where it’s not overbearing, but the resonance definitely fills in the empty space very well. My favorite track is the last track on the EP, and the most listened to on soundcloud, “Neptune.” It begins with a catchy guitar riff that evolves and repeats throughout the track, making you involuntarily bob your head and tap your feet. It’s a great summary of the positive, infectious feel of the entire album.

All in all, Greener Grounds certainly made something really cool and unique in the form of a solid album. Photosynthesis takes cool familiar jam band dynamics and really does a good job in exploring the fringes of well-known influences like The Dead in a newer form of jamtronica. This band is super unique and fun to dance to, so be sure to check them out on Facebook where you can pick up one of the dopest hats on the band merch market!