Three Days of Light Gathering

Oct 3-7, 2014 • Old Fort, NC

Written by Selomon Closson


Three Days of Light (3DL) was the most amazing and inspiring festival of my 2014 festival tour.  There’s a strong case that it was my favorite festival of all time!

Scott Love said in an article for Reality Sandwich © that his idea for 3DL was for it to have a summer camp feel to it.  He really nailed it with Return to Innocence.  The festival was held at Camp Grier in Asheville, NC.

Camp Grier during June and July is a summer camp.  It’s actually a Christian summer camp.  Regardless of any of our opinions on Christian religion, the campground already had that deep sense of spiritual energy that I always seek when I go to a festival.

The campground was equipped with hot showers, real bathrooms and plenty of cabin space.  Can you imagine going to a festival without the need for a tent, REAL bathrooms AND HOT showers?!  Well 3DL really took care of us.

There was even a real kitchen that served three meals a day.  Sometimes four if there were people who missed that day’s dinner.  The kitchen staff worked tirelessly for the weekend and we can’t thank them enough.



There were two main stages for the performances.  The bigger of the two had one of the most spectacular light displays I’ve seen yet.  The second, smaller stage had beautiful deco including a very intense Lion painting.

The speakers were great!  The sound was crisp, clear and when they need to be, they were very, very loud.  There was a moment during Yogi Magik’s set when his music was momentarily shut down.  This mother ran up to the mic shaking and trembling barely able to say her son was missing.

Everyone immediately broke into groups to search for the boy and Zak Winchester began making announcements on the speakers which rang throughout the entire camp.  The boy was found just moments later.

The workshops were well put together and relevant.  There was one workshop called “Into the Void”  which lasted almost four hours.  During the workshop participants demanded that they speak their highest truths and let go of everything that was holding them back.

Srikalogy set


The music was absolutely brilliant.  Watching Srikalogy for the first time blew my mind.  More than once.

The Human Experience hosted a workshop and played the last set on Sunday night.  Other noteworthy performances came from Infinite Third, Option 22, Spaceship Earth, Cosmic Village, Zak and What Army? and Yogi Magik.

The festival had such beautiful vibes that a gentleman by proposed to his girlfriend during the opening ceremony.  Two days later on Sunday, they got married.  It was only the second time I’ve witnessed a wedding at a festival.  The first time I actually performed the ceremony that saw a penguin and clay alien tie the knot at Imminent Disclosure.



One of the main reasons for 3DL is, as Scott likes to say, “Recharge your spiritual batteries.”

Meaning the spiritual and art communities come together for three days to inspire, uplift and recharge each other so when we go back into the “normal” or “muggle” world, the lower energies and vibrations will either have no affect on us, or we will be so powerful it will easily be transmuted.

So, if you missed Three Days of Light this year, do not worry.  I know for sure that around the same time next year in 2015, Emergence Earth will be hosting their 4th annual Three Days of Light Gathering.

Scott and Zenaura


I would like to thank everyone who helped put this year’s (2014) 3DL together including Emergence Earth, Scott Love, Zenaura Soluta and Elisha.  To find out more information on Emergence Earth and Three Days of Light check out and

ˆPhoto Credit: Shine Time Studios