Flyer for Hammerfest

Scott Hammer passed away on January 2nd, 2013 and the founder of Andrala Music, Shane McCarthy began planning a benefit where all the proceeds would go to Hammers family.  “Once learning of Scott’s passing we knew that we had to do something in his honor. A festival like this is something Scott would have loved to have seen. Whispers from some musicians started to surface about doing a show in his honor and we just went from there” says McCarthy.

McCarthy and his girlfriend, Alyna Rushing at CODA Records

On February 2nd and 3rd, 2013, Andrala Music will be hosting Hammerfest at Longshots Bar and Grill in Abingdon, MD. The price for admission is $10 for one day or $15 for both.  Andrala Music has over 40 artists performing that range from punk bands, acoustic musicians, beat djs, rappers, and spoken word as well as some other fun surprises.

McCarthy is excited to present a wide variety of musical acts. “That’s the beauty of this event, every genre of music is heard so everyone can enjoy themselves here.  There is something for everyone”.

Long Shots Bar and Grill, Abingdon MD


Not only will there be music but food,  raffles, silent auctions, and give-aways. A lot of businesses and people have come together to donate.  There will be a Baltimore Orioles signed memorabilia up for raffle and tickets will be sold at the event. Fan Death records is donating rare test prints and other band merchandise for people to purchase. They are also hosting a silent auction for one of a kind band posters by illustrator Neil Williams of Epic Problems.

“We have crab dip that can feed 250 people donated by Looneys Pub in Bel Air, MD. 160 slices of pizza donated from Brothers Pizza in Forest Hill, MD.  Hotdogs and hamburgers will also be available donated by Longshots, a $50 dollar gift card from Ronnie’s Beverage Warehouse Liquors in Forest Hill, MD that will also be raffled. Pizza Party Art and Printing was kind enough to print CODA Records t-shirts for the event. These will be on sale for 15$” says McCarthy.

McCarthy expects over 350 people to attend hopes the event will raise enough money to keep the record store going in full force and to support the Hammer family in their time of need.  “We hope to bring the community together gracefully as a commemoration to Scott Hammer and have it be a memorial for everything he ever did for any of us involved. The money that is collected will go towards not only keeping CODA Records in business, but will also allow to make the store better than ever” says McCarthy. They also hope to expand the inventory and create a more comfortable browsing experience for all of the customers. In turn, this event will benefit the entire community.

It is important to carry on Hammers legacy because he had a heavy influence on the community.  He encouraged everyone to be themselves and to be creative. “He gave all types of musicians a place to express themselves in a town that otherwise had very few choices. He influenced the community by supporting the local musicians that he came in contact with. He was all about accepting everyone and encouraged people to get together to support the scene and music around them. By having small shows at CODA Records, musicians were able to meet others with similar interests. He brought many musicians that otherwise might not have ever met each other together to create a community. His store was the epicenter of an evolving scene” explains McCarthy.

Memorial outside of CODA Records after Hammers passing

The future is bright for Andrala Music and they plan to release a compilation of music from the bands involved in the show and get it pressed onto vinyl as another way to remember Scott.  “We are going to keep moving in the same direction we are going now — throwing shows and keeping the musical community we have out here alive and connected” McCarthy says happily.

Although Hammer has passed on, CODA Records is now being run by Scott’s son, Nick Hammer and Sean Gray of Fan Death Records. The store will continue to grow and develop as a business as well as a musical community with the help and encouragement from musicians and music lovers alike. “CODA Records is here to stay”.

To learn more about Andrala music, visit their facebook page here

To learn more about CODA Records, visit their facebook page here

Artists and set times for HAMMERFEST:
Inside /// Stage

1:05 Olivia S
1:40 Bandicoot
2:15 Carmen
3:25 The Sound of Rescue
4 Sean Michael Wilson
4:35 Bloomer
5:05 Whiskey Supper
5:40 American Folklore
6:15 Percy Shaw
6:50 Libyan Suite
7:25 Pallid
8 The Water
8:35 Special People
9:05 Sea Patterns
9:40 Brain Case
10:15 Universal Remonster
10:50 Pipe Smoking Rabbits
11:30 Ninety Six Ghosts
12 Roomrunner

Outside/// Under the Covered Heated and Nicely Lit Camel-toe Patio
4:15 Self Transcendence
5 Friendly Fire
5:45 Nick Baldwin
6:30 Matt Pless
7:05 Paper Daughter
7:45 Brittney Allen
8:15 Future Friend
8:45 Hamid
9:30 Richard Desire
10 Jumbled
10:20 Xomin
10:50 Nunayko
11:30 Illusive
12:15 Boh Groove

1:05 Kahga
1:40 Kenny Reid
2:15 Filthy Flamingo
2:50 Laeta Arbore
3:25 Cloud Quality
4 rioLinda
4:35 The Shaky Experience
5:05 Arab Spring
5:40 Black Cohosh
6:15 Proper Procedure
6:50 Colora
8 Failure By Deisgn
8:35 Charm Offensive
9 Trashkanistan
9:40 Enemy Insects
10:15 Feast of Epiphany
10:50 Hive Bent
11:30 Like Patterns
12 One Watt Sun