Hackensaw Boys coming to The Thunderbird on November 1st!

by Ryan Neeley exclusively for Appalachian Jamwich –

Charlottesville, VA based string band The Hackensaw Boys are bringing their high energy act to the Thunderbird in Pittsburgh on Thursday, November 1st.   Known best for rowdy shows where they sometimes make their way into the audience, The Hackensaw Boys have performed at major music festivals such as All Good (2004/2006), Bonnaroo Music Festival (2003/2004), Deloween and European festivals like Pukkelpop in Belgium (2005) and Bergenfest in Norway (2007/2008).  The Hackensaw Boys are a TRUE string band – instrumentation includes banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, upright bass, charismo (a home-made tin can contraption) and the occasional trap kit.

Originally formed in 1999 by Rob Bullington, David Sickmen, Robert “Bobby” St. Ours and Tom Peluso, the Hackensaw Boys, named after “the actions you perform on a mandolin (hack) and a fiddle (saw), have seen numerous lineup changes throughout the years, but continue to impress folks everywhere they go with .   They developed chemistry and comraderie busking on the sidewalks in Charlottesville, honing their sound, which is best described as Old-time, Bluegrass, Country Rock and Roll, if that’s a genre.   Currently consisting of Sickmen (strings and improvised straps), John Miller (stand up strings and fingers), Ward Harrison (string and thumb picks), Ferd Lionel Moyse, IV(fiddle/bass/horsehair), Brian Gorby (drums/percussion), and Ben Towndsend (fiddle/banjo/horsehair/thumbpicks), the boys are touring in support of their new releases, The Old Sound of Music Vol. 1 and The Old Sound of Music Vol. 2 , which have both garnered critical accliam from critics.   But nothing can beat seeing these guys live, especially in a setting like The Thunderbird where you’re so close to them.   If you’ve ever seen these boys perform, it’s definitely a memory you have savored and can’t wait to get more.  If you’ve never seen them perform, get out on Thursday night – you can thank me after the show. Like The Rumpke Mountain Boys and Yonder Mountain String Band?   You’ll LOVE The Hackensaw Boys.

PRESENTED BY Grey Area Productions – The Thunderbird Cafe – 4023 Butler St. Pittsburgh, PA  – show starts at 930pm;$12.00 – 21+