Moe has been gearing up for festivals such as Summer Camp in Chillicoth, IL and their annual Moe.Down in Turin, NY, but have remained humble enough to give back to the cities where they play their shows by supporting a food drive hosted by Summer Camp Music Festival. By encouraging donations with attractive incentives such as raffle tickets to win festival passes, moe. merchandise, and tickets for an upcoming Cornmeal show with Hot Buttered Rum, they’ve managed to rally a huge a wave of support.

Benefiting The Lakeview Pantry, fans at the Chicago show on February 18th brought over 600 lbs of food. Fans attending the Pittsburgh show at Stage AE collected more than 300 lbs for the benefit of Family House. What better way to help a city than rally the big hearts of the fans coming out to see music in their own area. Moe. asks you to think global, but act local. We can take local action by trying to make a positive impact day by day, while Moe travels globally to recent venues in Amsterdam, Germany, and England to spread their message through mind-blowing music.

You might have already missed the opportunity to donate at shows, since Moe won’t make a U.S. appearance again until Summer Camp in May. The good news is you can always donate to the cause. Research the food pantry or kitchen in your own backyard or donate to a pantry that Moe fans have lended their generosity to: