Listen as you read!

Written by Elise Olmstead

Today, June 4th, Michigan rockers Desmond Jones released their second single “Split Again” from the new upcoming album Hello, Helou being released later this summer.  Hello, Helou will be their second full-length album, their first being the iconic self-titled debut.  Desmond Jones, released in 2017, features that unforgettable photo by Psychedelic Eyes as the album cover–depicting the band in mime outfits–that inexplicably sums up the classy, unexpected vibe of their performances.  The band has always made sure to keep every track fresh, and from the sound of the first two songs from Hello, Helou; they are even further diversifying their sound.

Desmond Jones Self-Titled Album.

Hello, Helou








The first track “Still Creatures” was a funky little song with some David Bowie sass, but “Split Again” changes it up with a more raw and personal sound.  It’s got a country rhythm to it that makes you bob your head and tap your knee as you sing along to the harmonized lyrics “Well, I just can’t seem to find myself…on time, this time.” There’s even a nice little southern-fried electric guitar solo for your listening pleasure, and of course the saxophone remains present (though muted).   The song was written by guitarist Chris Bota, and said of his inspiration:

“This song was written in the middle of the night inspired by a feeling of disconnection with the world outside of my body. While the lyrics are vague and cryptic at times, I believe this feeling is felt by many in our culture, and I wanted to write a song that gives people an outlet to express and work through their feelings of disconnection with the world around them.”

We absolutely have no idea what to expect for the rest of the songs on this unreleased album, and that has us very excited to say the least.  We do know that they will feature great lyrics and some funky sax with all the right ingredients to make you bob your head.  The album was recorded over the past two years at Inmuso Studios in Webberville, MI with manager Kevin McKay as the recording enginner, Alex Gauthier as the mixer for the album, and Glenn Brown (Greensky Bluegrass, Billy Strings, Eminem) mastering it in Lansing, MI.

You can listen to both “Split Again” and “Still Creatures” on major music platforms, but you’ll have to wait and stay tuned to hear the rest of the album this summer. Stay tuned to more Desmond Jones news on their Facebook page, and experience their sound for yourself tomorrow at Weird Wednesday at Woodlands Tavern in Columbus, OH, presented by Weird Music.