Covering this show was super meaningful for me! Dave Mathews was the first concert I went to without my parents. Although that show was with the Orchestra, many full Dave Mathews Band shows were to come. Fast forward 30+ years and here I am covering this amazing band! I found myself hopping up and down in anticipation of them coming onto the stage. Jumping out the gate with Don’t Drink The Water a high energy favorite of mine! Pig was up next with Old Dirt Hill following that. The always fun Lie In Our Graves came next and also a favorite of mine. The Only Thing, Stay Or Leave, Rapunzel, Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd, Pantala Naga, Pampa, So Damn Luck into Lying In The Hands Of God, American Baby Intro into Recently that’s always a favorite, Madman’s Eyes, The Song That Jane Likes, Monsters, Dave saying Fuck It as they went into Let’s Dance by David Bowie, Crush, Shake Me Like A Monkey, and to finish the set off with another oldie but goodie Ants Marching. Dave came back out solo and played Here On Out after a little bit of a heart warming words on peace. As he lets us know he’s not great at public speaking lol. The whole band came back on for one last song and great one What You Are!! It was an amazing night both musically and weather! I wanna add that I’m very sorry to the people in the front, I had to abort my memory card and lost the preshow photos.