Written by Maria Ekaterina

Gem and Jam festival is just around the corner, and we are here to highlight 5 artists we think you should not miss this February 4th-6th. You might already have a plan, or maybe not, for how you play to enjoy your weekend. Either way, take a moment to put these 5 up and coming artists on your radar. With a wider range of music being listed on the lineup, you can find bluegrass, deep house and straight up EDM all in the same place.

Xochique is listed last but might be your new #1 favorite female producer who also goes by Fernanda Villagrana. Drop by her set to melt away your tension. With Lazer sounds, house beats & at times saxophone solos provide wild tention for her sexually energized mixed vocals. She’s not afraid to get you bouncing before dropping her point in a different dimension. Ask her about the meaning of her name “Xochique” to develop a deeper understanding of her magic mixes.

Band of Comerados is a do not miss set at Gem and Jam festival. With singles like “Where is the Love” that magically tune into a smooth, peaceful place will be perfect to listen to under a shade tree or with a friend or two. These 4 guys playing 4 string instruments will get you bouncing as their light vocals are the perfect way to jam out of bed and get the day going. Bluegrass to the core, from Oregon these guys will suck you in and calm your jitters before your next all night adventure.

Siren & Seer has a fast and foggy mix that will take you through space and time itself. Featuring vocals that resonate with early 90’s earopean underground house scene, mixed with modern hip hop whisps that bring us back into space itself. To get a taste of their sound check out their song “I pray” recently published on SoundCloud. They are mystical, energizing and perfectly woven history and future in one.

MZG has been drawing inspiration from the global pandemic and the high level of stress it has brought to our lives. Want to experience their newly created “Beat Treatment” live and melt your stress from the pandemic away? Do not miss their bouncy, elastic, sexy, fun and rhapsodic-filled set that will satisfy your visual and auditory senses to the max. One of the many reasons to see this set is for the 90’s & early 2000’s R&B mix-ins that will get you bouncing into the night or early morning hours of your weekend. This set is perfect for anyone experiencing EDM for the first time and wants to feel the full range of Electic Dance Music in under 20 minutes. You’ll stay for the show & ask for a twin set.

TAKIMBA will get you feeling groovy throughout their highly bouncy and jubilation-steamed set. The love for freaky weirdness will be on full display, and you will feel right at home feeling funky and fun. If you love robotic voices, tunes bass boosted to the max, and some early 90s hip hop lyrics, this set is for you! Get your dancing shoes on, grab your flow prop and your best friends and get your bouncy groove on throughout this set. You won’t want to miss the wild good time Takimba is about to bring to Gem and Jam.”

Most often, the best sets are those you have yet to hear about. The best sets are those you walk by and get sucked into due to their funky fresh style and the peopole who are jamming to the beats. If you already have a plan for Gem and Jam weekend, make sure you check out one if not all of these on the rise artists who will be joining the party this February 4th-6th in Tucson, Arizona.

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