For most of our generation, “times of change” has been a recurring theme, if not a stable phrase. But for those involved in the music industry, no time of change and transition has been greater than the era of Covid-19. With industry heads in the electronic community moving out to Colorado left and right, a shift of who’s doing what, what’s happening where, and how it’s happening has been observed in every corner of the industry. 

Vacancies have been filled, and more new faces are at the forefront of event production than ever before. One of these faces who have been making waves is the company: Soundz OrGanic. 

Tie-Dye Ky

Coming to life 5 months before the world was locked down by Covid, Soundz OrGanic was presented a problem in its infancy few had faced before it. “I had only 3 shows under my belt at the time and really was just starting to have fun.” Says Phil Paulicelli, founder of Soundz OrGanic. “I had to cancel a huge show that I was planning as a spring benefit, and then didn’t throw shows from April through August. After the summer things began to lighten up and people were looking to go out if it was safely done. The only thing was, in the northeast there wasn’t anyone doing it safely. Guidelines were strict but we made due with what we had.”

Keota ft. Hulahooper

When considering the basis of sound system culture, the first thing to be considered of course, is the sound system. And Soundz OrGanic check offs that box with special ink. Home to what’s dubbed the “Henny Crocker” system, most of these shows utilize a combination of 4 Hennessey Sound Design “battleaxe” subs and 6 Function-One “Resolution 2” tops. Aside from clearing the industry standard with two iconic brands, another piece of info that makes this rig special is the history behind it; all the tops are the original speakers from the rooftop system of Brooklyn’s beloved nightclub, Output.

Equipment is not the only facet Soundz OrGanic has been working on though. Based in Providence, RI, most SO shows thus far have taken place at Platforms Dance Club. What used to be a venue in need of TLC in an industrial neighborhood, Platforms has worked with SO through Covid to make itself a mainstay to the future of New England Bass music. Through this relationship, SO has brought murals (painted by Naython Anthony x Raw.SoL x Seip Art x Pete Cosmos), mounted speaker set-ups, and successful socially distanced events to a venue capable of providing both an indoor and outdoor area. A place for artists to express themselves, in full range and in all climates. 

One side of the recently painted mural

As Soundz OrGanic continues to build itself, as does the rest of New England and the greater northeast region. Through Covid and the wash of accountability in the bass scene at large, there has been much room to grow in this new era. Being a great example for what’s to come, and with Soundz Organic constantly growing, be sure to join them as they invite Supertask to headline The Fete Music Hall in Providence for a Masquerade Party on October 10th.

All photos credits to Zhiva Photo