You may have noticed a lack of posts from The Jamwich recently. This is because I (Elise) have decided to pursue being a full-time mom after having my first baby in July of 2020. I have always been the main force behind putting this publication together, and along with the rock-solid foundation of my husband and a lot of help from music fans continued to coordinate content and music calendars for a good eight years.  The pandemic dealt us a fatal blow, however, and Taco and I moved on from our roles in the industry to pursue a simple life on an organic farm, and I am finally going after my aspirations as an artist and writer. 

I am faced with the decision to pull the plug on The Jamwich or somehow keep the lights on…and as the magazine has always been “by the fans, for the fans,” I came to the conclusion that it would best remain a platform to serve the music community.  With the help of Jeff Modzelewski stepping up as Editor, we can continue to provide a platform for writers, photographers, artists, and bands, but we need your help.

While I managed to cut down most of my monthly costs for The Jamwich, my hosting fees (including file space, domain registration,etc) are coming up June 4th and cost $450.  Luckily for us, I still have a bit of an inventory of Jamwich merch to help fundraise!  So with your kind help you will receive limited edition merch and a copy of the print magazine. After the fundraiser we will be recycling all of the magazines and will not be re-printing any shirts or pins, so this is your last chance to grab one while you can. If we are able to pay for the $450 fees that give us two more years of hosting a website to serve the jam band community at large. 

Use the links below to buy your merch, of which all proceeds will go towards Jamwich fees.  With each purchase you receive a copy of The Jamwich, a sticker, and free shipping.

I will also be holding a couple of auctions in the The Jamwich Facebook group–one for a set of Loving Cup pins designed by Ellie Paisley and one for Mad Tea Party Jam merch!

$5 First ever issue of Appalachian Jamwich magazine

$15 Taco pin

$25 Jamwich T-shirt
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$30 I Love Small Festivals T-shirt

$40 Mechanic Shirt