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Are you looking for a gift? If that person you want to give something nice likes to travel, you have it easy. There are a lot of products that can be really useful on a trip and your gift will not be one of those forgotten in the drawer, rest assured!

If you want to know what the seven best gifts for travel lovers are, read on!

1. Backpack

For those who like to travel light, a backpack can be the best gift. Today you can find a wide variety of bags on the market. The best thing to do is to find a backpack that offers the best features for a safe trip like Osprey Farpoint.

The most recommended backpacks usually have the measurements allowed for carry-on luggage in most airlines, an anti-theft security system, and they tend to be waterproof, anti-scratch, and in some cases it is also a good idea to opt for a backpack that offers USB ports. Above all, make sure the backpack you choose is comfortable and has multiple compartments to store the laptop, cell phone, tablet, and all the things a traveler wants to carry in their hand luggage. Try this backpack from Amazon with a USB port and space for your laptop.

2. Travel Guides

Travel guides are a must to visit any country, especially if you want to feel like a local there.

These guides can be delivered in 2 very popular ways: in paper, for those who enjoy traditional reading, and in an electronic system, to be read with e-book readers. Before buying the guide you want, make sure you get the format that the travel lover you are going to give the guide to will like the most. You should also be clear about the destination the person will be traveling to, since there are guides to particular destinations or regions that can be extremely useful.

If you don’t know where this person will travel, but you still want to give them a guide, you can buy them a gift card from one of the most important guide providers.

Try this travel guide to U.S. National Parks in the West!

3. Travelogue (or travel notebook)

Although it is quite simple to write down our experiences in electronic devices, such as a cell phone, the feeling of leaving our travel experiences on a common paper while traveling is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences that exist for a traveler.

To choose a travel notebook, it is advisable to look for one that has a hardcover (to avoid problems), and that is resistant. Travel notebooks made of leather are very common precisely because of the resistance they offer.

4. Map for scratching visited countries

It is true that this gift for travelers is a classic, but the truth is that it is a great idea to be able to scratch the countries you have already traveled through. Besides, it encourages the person to keep traveling to complete the map!

There are different versions of this gift, such as the complete world map, the map of Europe, or the map of Africa. There are also other original map formats (although less portable) such as a cork globe, where the traveler can stick pins in the places he has already visited.

What better way to inspire wanderlust than this? This beautiful gold scratch off map comes wrapped safely in a tube and ready to gift.

5. Sports Camera

Sports cameras are the perfect gift for the traveler to capture all those incredible moments in photographs that will never be forgotten. Although Go Pro cameras are the most popular, there are lots of brands that are also making a name for themselves in the market with more affordable prices.

There are also underwater cameras, cameras with Wi-Fi, 360 ยบ cameras, and all kinds of accessories for each of them, so this will be a great gift for tech nerdy and traveler lovers and perhaps the most practical gift you can give.

This sports camera is waterproof and comes with a wi-fi adapter, touch screen, remote control and more.

6. Travel pillow

This is also another of the quite classic gifts, and there is a great variety of types of pillows that can make the long journeys and waits much more enjoyable. Travel pillows help the traveler to hold his head properly to sleep when he is sitting, whether in cars, trains or even planes.

The wide variety of options available, as well as the affordable price they have, makes this small but useful accessory one of the best gifts for a travel lover. We like the BCOZZY travel pillows because they support the chin.

7. Universal adapter

This gift is pure practicality. The universal travel plug is a must if the person you want to give a gift to plans to go around the world, or intends to travel around many places and wants to stay connected. This is because, wherever you travel, you will always come across different plugs, and the universal adapter solves this problem by allowing you to adapt all existing plugs to the place you are. This can also help the traveler save some money, as he or she will not have to buy suitable adapters for every country or region every time he travels.

Today you can also buy universal plug adapters with USB included. With them, the traveler can charge his phone directly, making this gift even more convenient.

Final Word

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of gifts you can give to that travel-loving person to help and inspire them to continue their adventure. What are you waiting for to give a gift?


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