New Orleans based duo, Tansy, just released their debut single “Dreaming” on all major platforms. Premiering in Atwood Magazine, “Dreaming” is hailed as “Cozy, intimate, and built from connections… a nostalgic debut” . Tansy synthesizes the warmth of a classic RnB sound with the bold harmonic and melodic statements of today’s jazz. The end result is a fresh alt-pop/contemporary jazz blend that appeals to a wide variety of listeners. The lead single from their upcoming debut album (Full Bloom), “Dreaming” is a song is about being nostalgic for lost love. “We come to understand that sometimes we love so that we can learn about ourselves, about others, and about how love is not possession and in that it sometimes just becomes a daydream.” –Tansy

“Dreaming” is available for streaming on all major platforms.

“ “Dreaming” oozes romance only on a surface level, the realness within it being illusory just like daydreams are generally illusions… Cozy jazzy tones and an R&B soulfulness set the mood for the song, a nostalgic guitar riff sauntering through and creating intimacy alongside the warming vocals.” – Atwood Magazine

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