jaden carlson band

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the new single “Skyline” being released by Jaden Carlson Band on December 17, 2019. “Skyline” is an instrumental tune featuring tasteful elements of jazz, fusion, funk, dance and electronic music, riding the fine line of current trends in today’s changing genres and sound.

The single was engineered by Logan Emerson at Blue Silo Studio in Denver, produced by Jonah Wisneski of Blue Silo Studio, co-produced by Jaden Carlson, mastered by Alex Scott and Jaden Carlson at Hyphonic Studio in Denver. It will be available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and all other major streaming services.

The Jaden Carlson Band is a power quartet from Boulder, Colorado, led by 18 year old guitarist Jaden Carlson. The group is comprised of some of the best talent to be heard, with varied influences coming together from all over the country. Jaden Carlson is a guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist, and producer. She has a technical prowess that is unmatched by most, and a style that is well beyond her years. As the front of JCB, Jaden’s jaw dropping guitar and synthesizer playing is something you won’t soon forget.

Jaden Carlson Band lineup:

Jaden Carlson-guitar

Chris Beck-keys, synthesizer, piano, organ

Fred Reisen-bass

Eric Imbrosciano -drums