Written by Michelle Lesch

(Disclaimer: As an Amazon affiliate The Jamwich receives a small commission from Amazon sales derived from the links in this article.)

We haven’t even finished our Halloween candy, yet it’s time to start thinking about what you’d like to give to your loved ones for the holidays. If you’re like me, you may feel like the season seems to stretch on forever, with Christmas decorations displayed in shops and Black Friday preview sales starting before the first frost blankets the ground. Then you blink, and Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now you’ve only got a few weeks to finish up your shopping. It’s so easy to get consumed by all of the get-togethers, the pressure, and the lines at the store, that the joy of giving can leave us all together, making the whole process feel insincere and stressful. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite products to give you some inspiration while you shop for your favorite lady. Bonus: All of these can be purchased while sitting at home with your feet up!

  • Music lovers will agree that there is something more robust about the sound of a vinyl record that is not able to be reproduced through digital files. This stylish and portable record player fuses the vintage with the contemporary by also being Bluetooth adaptable. You can use this turntable’s built-in speakers to play music from any device. $79.99 from Amazon
Vintage suitcase vinyl record player from Amazon
  • What’s better to go with a beautiful record player than a curated subscription to grow her record collection? Vinyl Me, Please is a subscription service that delivers a monthly record, along with an art print or other goodies, depending on which “track” is selected. The best part is there is flexibility in the choices, so that they can get something that they really love each month! Starting from $99 for a 3-month gift subscription.
A subscription delivery from Vinyl Me, Please

  • Brighten up her day during the winter months with this best-selling light therapy lamp. This sleek and portable LED lamp simulates the glow of a bright and sunny day, taking you back to that feeling of waking to the sun on your tent at a festival. Exposure to the lamp can increase vitamin D production in the body and help regulate sleep and energy levels. $39.99 Amazon
Amazon’s best-selling light therapy lamp
  • If your favorite gal loves to get creative in the kitchen, check out this gorgeous leather recipe book by Leather Forest can be customized and offers up to 120 pages for recording recipes, and taking notes while working out new recipes. The quality of the leather and the personal touch of the cook’s handwritten notes makes this a gift that will be beloved by generations to come. Starting at $49 on Etsy
Leather Forest’s custom Recipe Journal from Etsy
  • Any coffee snob can appreciate this Bodum travel french press which gives you the ability to brew on the go. The best part is that it fits in your car’s cup holder and is perfect for taking along with you on Phish tour or a weekend concert. It also works great for loose leaf tea. $28.74 from Amazon
Bodum Travel French Press from Amazon
  • If you’re looking for a gift that is as artistic as it is functional, these handmade dishes from Julie Miller Pottery are almost too beautiful to use! The amount of love that she puts into each piece is evident by the flawless detail in the designs. $42 from Etsy
Handmade Platter from Julie Miller Pottery’s Etsy shop
  • Is the person you’re shopping for a meditation junkie? Lunarly is the monthly subscription that inspires self-care, intention-setting, and tools for mindfulness. Each box comes before the new moon and contains items such as house plants, essential oils, candles and crystals. Starting at $40 for a one-month gift
A Lunarly Box
  • If your girl is a feminist and proud of it, this paper cut wall hanging by Louise McLaren is definitely for her. The delicacy and detail of the craft in unison with the powerful message makes this a very unique piece of art. $59.97 from Etsy
Paper cut art by Louise McLaren on Etsy
  • There’s a reason these inflatable couches are everywhere these days! They are able to be packed away and don’t require a pump to set up, and are obviously perfect for lounging on the lawn of an outdoor concert or on the floor of a friend’s house on tour. We especially like these fun designs by Chillbo Shwaggins. $39.90 from Amazon
Inflatable Couches from Amazon
  • If your gal is especially outdoorsy, how about gifting her a year-long pass to all of the U.S. National Parks? America the Beautiful is a card that you can purchase that will give her access to all of the greatest protected lands in our country! $80 from USGS
Annual pass to all US National Parks from USGS
  • These camping boots are a perfect balance of rugged and beautiful. Inkkas are sustainably made by artisans in Peru, so you both can know that this gift is helping to support ethical business practices. $149.00 from Amazon
The Patagonia Camping Boot by Inkkas, available from Amazon
  • Robbin Hoods are each handmade, reversible, and one-of-a-kind. They’re a perfect accessory for your festy-girl to keep her toasty without sacrificing her style. We love the purple hues of this design. $80-$100 from Robbin Hoods Designs
Purple Splatter hooded pashmina by Robbin Hoods Designs
  • Girls who love to travel can always use a fabulous tote bag. This over-sized satchel is chic and fun, and perfect for any weekend trip. We love the Aztec detail and the quality leather straps. $42.93 from Amazon
Aztec Weekender Bag available on Amazon
  • Coziness is always a great gift, especially when it comes as charming and versatile as these Acorn slouch boot slippers. They are able to be worn outdoors and have a memory foam insole for extra comfort and support. $45 from Amazon
Acorn slippers on Amazon
  • These herkimer diamond stud earrings made by Saressa Designs are simple and elegant with a touch of wire-wrapping. Our favorite is the rose gold, but you have the choice of material that you think best suits her style! $35 from Etsy
Herkimer wire-wrapped studs available on Etsy
  • This turquoise ring has elements of both a statement ring as well as the trendy minimalist look. The stone is copper turquoise, which is not only beautiful, but also allows the wearer to benefit from the energy of both materials. $48 from Etsy
Copper turquoise ring available from byCila’s Etsy shop

Another beautiful jewelry choice comes from our friend Chelsea Morphis at Gypsum Hollow. Her work takes inspiration from nature and she’s will even create a custom piece for your loved one. You can purchase directly from her website.