Written by Elise Olmstead.

If you haven’t heard of Funk You yet, then don’t worry, they are about to be all over your radar and in your hometown.  The 9 man super group just announced their spot on the lineup of Sweetwater 420 Fest and are coming in hot this fall and winter at some of our favorite venues all over the US.  You may have seen them on festival lineups like Resonance or Big What wowing audiences with silky smooth vocals and progressive jams, but if you haven’t seen them yet then now is your chance to grab some tickets and experience them for yourself.  We caught up with guitarist Evan Miller to give us a rundown about life on the road and what’s in store next on fall tour.

First of all, how was summer tour?
Summer tour was great! We had good weather everywhere and got to hit a lot of the same markets we have been hitting, so the crowds have been good.

Any standout moments and/or events?
I think for most of us would be our recent Variety Playhouse show in Atlanta. Having that many people show up felt really good. We also got to play some really great festivals for the first time including Summer Camp, Domefest, Mountain Music Festival, Resonance Fest and Candler Park

What is it like traveling with so many band members?
Traveling with 10 people on the road definitely has its pros and cons. Space is definitely at a premium. Van and sleeping space are usually less than comfortable. But a great thing is having so many personalities at one time to be able to hang out with. We are all good friends on and off the road which really helps.

What are some fun things that may happen on the road?
Recently we were all able to attend Umphrey’s McGee at Red Rocks. It was a few of ours first time at Red Rocks so it was fun going as a band.

What is your place to eat on the road?
We end up eating a good bit of Chik-fil-a and Zaxbys. Waffle House is usually the late night stop since they are everywhere and open 24hrs. We also all really love Asian Cuisine.

How would you describe your genre?
I’d say we are a Progressive Funk Rock band with a side of jam. I love this band because there’s pretty much no style that is off-limits. Everyone is interested in playing as diverse of a catalog of music as possible. Obviously we don’t want to alienate any of our fans but we don’t wanna be stuck in a box in terms of what we can and can’t play.

What is a song that you would suggest we listen to in order to get a great feel for your sound?
I would say “Ring That Belle” or “Hold Me Down” are the most representative of what we currently sound like. We’ll be releasing a new song called “Point Break” soon. This is an even more true representation of what the band is now.

How has your sound evolved over the years?
Since we’ve had some member changes over the years, our sound has evolved with each new member. Our new bassist Mark Dykes adds the low end super funk and we added a full time horn section at the beginning of 2019 that really helps us tremendously in getting a really big sound. A Funk You show will be high energy but also smooth and groovy.

Have you been writing any new music that you will be debuting on this tour?
Yes, we have some new originals we will be playing throughout the tour!

What are excited about the most for fall tour?
Our 9th annual Halloween show at the Miller Theater in Augusta with Village Stick on 10.26 and our Georgia Theater show Athens supporting Perpetual Groove on 10.31 should be a lot of fun. Also, Colorado has become a second home for us so we are very excited to be headlining Cervantes Otherside Nov 23.

Any venues that you will be visiting for the first time that you are looking forward to?
We’re playing Philly for the first time at Milkboy and Funk n Waffles in Syracuse, NY so it’s exciting to branch out further north. Nectar’s in Burlington is also a venue we enjoy playing. Asheville Music Hall on 11.1 is high on the list too.


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