Written by: Lou Mic Koy

Labor day is about family time, it’s about going to the beach, pool, or a cookout and enjoying each other’s company. If you’re a diehard Jamtronica fan, such as I, you’re spending it at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Ohio from 8/30-9/1 with Lotus and the rest of the Lo fam. This is my third Summerdance, and there is a lot to look forward to. Here are 7 Easter eggs you should explore at this year’s Summerdance.

  1. Bring a wacky float: A sunny day at the dance is all about swimming in the quarry. Use this opportunity to show off your crew’s weird inflatables. Pick a flotation device that will stand out. This is an opportunity to show your creative side. Last year I saw a crew of 20 people each bring pizza floats. With good weather the quarry provides a great opportunity to bond with the Lo-fam and take time to cool off.
  2. Swim to the Island: Yes, there is an Island, it is about a 200-yard swim from the beach. Taking this swim is exhilarating. When I swam to the island last year, I was greeted by a bunch of club kids dancing to deep house music. While this isn’t normally my scene it was just what I needed to re-energize for the swim back to shore.
  3. Jump off the Ledges: There are a few places around the quarry where you can jump from varying heights. This was great for me because I had the opportunity to work my way up to jumping off the big ledges. Nothing like seeing hippie children jumping off the big ledge to motivate you to take the plunge!
  4. Take a Day Hike: If you’re up for a good hike, walk all the way around the quarry. It isn’t a short hike, but it is totally rejuvenating and relaxing after a long night of partying. It’s nice to get away from the festival environment and have some time to really connect with nature.
  5. Catch Lotus’ Soundcheck: This is an experience when Lotus does not pull their punches. There is something for every Lotus fan over the course of the weekend. Last year they even covered some Grateful Dead Songs which I had yet to experience Lotus do. Nelson Ledges is the best place to see this band in my opinion. You may even have the pleasure of enjoying a soundcheck on Friday.
  6. Find the Secret Tunnel (After Dark): I am not telling you where it is because you have to find it for yourself as I did. If you find this Easter egg your path will be lit up by glow sticks or other fan-built trippy lighting. When you find the tunnel, you will not be disappointed. For maximum results, embark on this adventure at night.
  7. Get Lost in the Deep Forest at Night: I have seen so many renegade sets and other oddities at Summerdance. I saw a secret Magic Beans set deep in the woods which was the best Magic Beans set I have ever seen. The beans brought all their own production equipment and sneaked it in to put on a late-night performance. There are also countless DJ’s and other collaborations providing entertainment in the forest late at night. Do not miss these renegade sets, which can only be found by wandering aimlessly into the night. These things are what makes this festival stand out from the rest.

Summerdance is not just a music festival, it is a transformational experience. If you get anything from this article it is that you should venture out to Nelson Ledges and explore this magical place for yourself. Don’t sleep on Lotus and don’t sleep after their set because you just may find yourself at a weird Psytrance set, Phish live stream, or a French fry party. Buy your tickets now.