Written by James McNemar

Coming to a mountaintop near you, Yonderville Music & Arts Festival 2019! This year’s event will be held at Marvin’s Mountaintop, WV July 4-6. For the third year in a row Yonderville is bringing the best local talent and art culture to festival goers. Served on several silver stages, Yonderville Music & Arts Festival 2019 at Marvin’s Mountaintop is going to be a great way to kick off your Independence Day in 2019. With a wide range of music and art lined up, Yonderville 2019 is sure to be a wholesome, unforgettable experience in the mountains.

The diverse lineup at this year’s Yonderville Music & Arts Festival is dedicated to showcasing local talent in all shapes, sizes, and genres. With emphasis on electronic sounds, this year’s Yonderville has a wide range of music that will be showcased including jamtronica, funk, rock, and electronic. Energy will fill the mountain air and bring you higher and higher. Expand your mind with Desert Dwellers and Jade Cicada, or destroy the room with the sounds of CHEE. from the UK scene or K.L.O.’s acid scratch sounds. You won’t believe your third eye! The Widdler, Bukez Finezt, DMVU, Of The Trees, Detox Unit, LITZ, and Spoonbill are some of the major acts that will be up at Marvin’s Mountaintop to help you get down. From fantastic musicians to amazing light shows, there is going to be no shortage of entertainment while attending Yonderville Music & Arts Festival 2019.

Logan Litz from Litz

This year’s festival is sure to be a group of fun-loving folks looking to boogie all night to great music with good friends. 2019 is going to be better than ever with music starting earlier and ending later than ever before. They have a full lineup sure to keep the festivities going past 1:00 AM. Yonderville 2019 will have something for everyone and plenty of activities for those who want more than great music. Local artists will offer everything from paintings, handmade crafts, body painting, yoga, and spiritual healing. Beat the summer heat and enjoy the crisp mountain air with other beautiful people like yourself. Nothing says freedom like a drive to express yourself and a venue to do it. This event is hoop and light toy friendly for all you flow fanatics out there. Home to several fire and light flow artists and groups of talented performers, things will heat up after the sun goes down.

After starting in Virginia, Yonderville has expanded over the years and over state lines, doubling in size annually. Yonderville has been a destination spot for past festival seasons and is now growing into a destination spot for festival seasons of the future. This year there will be a team of dedicated staff to ensure the best festival experience for everyone. There will be plenty of amenities for weary travelers as well as a recommended list for experienced and inexperienced campers to read. Whether you are new to the festival scene or a well-traveled, fun-loving veteran, the recommended list is… well, recommended. From staying up all night around a campfire to raging with beautiful, like minded people until 3:00 AM, Yonderville Music & Arts Festival 2019 is going to be HUGE! Yonderville Music & Arts Festival is continuing to build a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their talent. With big names and local acts, Yonderville is sure to strike a chord within you.

This is a quickly growing grassroots, multi-genre festival experience with a supreme focus on quality and professionalism. This year’s Yonderville will showcase those who are passionately pursuing their goals and who want to inspire others to dedicate themselves to something they love. With artist booths, live demonstrations, live music, workshops and chill out areas, this year’s festival is going to be bigger and better than ever. Come join us at Yonderville Music & Arts Festival 2019 at Marvin’s Mountaintop, WV July 4-6, 2019. We hope to see you over yonder!