As music and festival fans, we are constantly surrounded by artists and creatives.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me that someone in your circle of friends made handmade items. I love the trend I am seeing within my Facebook timeline of friends asking for links to their friends’ art and shops to buy gifts for the holidays. This is a perfect time to show your support for artists, an action that you should get into the habit of doing all year long.

I have a lot of fun every year learning about new artists and compiling our Holiday Shopping guide advertising section completely filled with artists, handmade items, and small businesses.  It’s a great alternative way to shop this holiday season and support your community at the same time! You can vote with your dollar, so choose your neighbor or small business instead of a corporate store.

More than enjoying the holiday advertisements as a shopping guide, I love seeing a snapshot of our community and trends in art and handmade items.  That is, after all, why The Jamwich aims most of all to be an encapsulation of our community and culture.

May your yule season be toasty, warm, and filled with family and friends.  It’s the time to share the love generously, so share with your fellow community of artists.

Written by Elise Olmstead.  



The Jewels Of Eli; designer jewelry and silversmithing– custom work, jewelry repair, original work inspired by the mystical world;; 443-690-7268; 2628 East Somerset St, Philadephia, PA, 19134

SUMO; tapestry woven wall hangings;;; 757-784-6660

Shantastic Shine; handmade goods, original artwork, and other items to light up your life;; 301-338-2825

Jamie Barefoot McGee; hemp and wire jewelry, sage + herb bundles, mermaid & fairy magnets, accessories.;; IG: spleenerdee

Mountain Lorl Crochet; handmade custom crochet hats, scarves, shawls, and gifts for all the people and pets in your life;;

Spectrum Geometry Visionary Art Gallery; fine art and conscious apparel, ethically and sustainably crafted in Asheville, NC;;

I Am You – IAYYAI; hand crafted ayahuasca vine pendants and custom clothing;

Jon David Lowe; mixed media artist behind the creative curiosities called treasure books and Houdini-Hideaway boxes, each is a unique one-of-a-kind work of art;;

Andie Yeager; one of a kind hand dyed, eco friendly and organic apparel for men and women;;

Grateful Dad Arts; patches, pins, paintings, and pretty things;; 717-501-6637; 671 Churchey Lane, Lewisberry, PA, 17339

Jenee Harrison; original art, commissions, clothing and prints;;

Kettle Head Art- the Dreamscapes of Ashton Hill; original and printed paintings and illustrations, personalized commission and murals, art lessons;; holiday coupon code: 2fronttteeth

Will Shanklin Vibrational Art; sci-fi surrealist themed artist/illustrator specializing in album and poster art. $65/hr for original creations or $200 flat for licensed use of an existing piece;;; ig: shanklinvibration333

The Gallery Society, Gordie Morton & Hannah Rose; Sacred Geometry themed goods, Eco-Friendly Bandanas & Tapestries, Laser Engraved Wallets, Pins, Pendants & more!;

Tyler Thomas; paintings: your dreams visualized, memories crystallized; IG-tylerfofyler;; 804-245-0255

MerchGirl Band Merchandise; custom printing or embroidery, hats & apparel, ekoostik hookah merch;;

Shantastic Shine; handmade goods, original artwork, and other items to light up your life;; 301-338-2825