Written by Colin Williams

Back for a second year, in Rixeyville, VA, is Yonderville Music and Arts Festival. This July 5th through the 8th Yonderville will once again merge the the worlds of electronic music and live bands. This combination of genres is a truly special part of what makes Yonderville such a unique experience of a music festival.

Throughout the weekend DJs and live bands will perform on two stages: the Electronic Stage presented by Depth Perception and the Live Stage presented by, yours truly, The Jamwich. This year, Yondervillians will be able to take advantage of yoga sessions, view live paintings, and shop and dine amongst a large selection of merchandise and food vendors all while experiencing the beauty of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The team at Yonderville has also secured an impressive lineup of musicians.

The convergence of music styles that will be seen at this year’s Yonderville makes this an event that will appeal to a large variety of festival-goers. On the electronic side of things Yonderville 2018 will see performances by Shlump, Shadow People, and Of The Trees. On the jammy side of things, we will see LITZ, Broccoli Samurai, Funk You, and The Dirty Grass Players. Yonderville has also booked some excellent up-and-coming artists this year including, M.Pyre, Squaring The Circle, Hubble Bash, and We The People. In an effort to acquaint our readers with some of these newer artists I recently had an opportunity to ask We The People a few questions.

Who makes up We The People?

Kevin Fournier (bass), Zach Johnson (Drums), and Cody Fowler (guitar)


Where are you from?

Kevin: Front Royal, VA.

Zach and Cody: Winchester, VA


Do you currently have recorded music/online listening available?

We’re working on our first album as we speak but we are releasing multiple singles as we go along. The next song to be released is called Tranceformya.



How do you describe your music to people who have never heard it?

We’re a big ole pile of genres. We like to mix it up as much as possible with the highest energy we can bring and then the chillest vibes to give people a ride constantly playing with their emotions.


How did We The People begin?

We all kinda just found each other…like a match made in heaven! Haha! The first time we all met, which was all at different times in different bands, wel hit it off instantly. We started playing on whatever instrument was in front of us at the time just out of excitement to be playing together. We were a team right off the bat and even though some members have come and gone the band has stuck together and is stronger than ever.


What events in the history of We The People have aided the band in its growth?

Mostly when we decided to ditch the rent and get property of our own. It was hard at first; jumping in head first with a group, just going out and trying to make something out of nothing. But we went from being in the middle of the city (being limited as to when we could practice and paying around 1500 in bills every month just to rent a place) to paying a property payment that has led to us owning our own land and being able to rehearse whenever we like. Also with all our space we have managed to build our own event venue and our pride and joy, our recording studio labeled “Sweet Life Studios”, which is were we are recording all of our upcoming music, in house, and many other bands as well. It’s been the best thing for us as a band and as a whole we really feel like its helping us to reach the next level and then some with just how far we want to take this and it’s looking really great to us.


What events in the history of We The People have set back the growth of the band?

Our biggest setbacks have always come from inside our own selves. It’s hard to be on point, ready to go, and able to take on all the tasks that NEED to be done at anytime as a musician. You can’t just strap on an instrument, get amazing at it, and expect to go somewhere. You have to take so much more into account. You have to be a full on entrepreneur and that’s something that, for guys like us, has been a tough pill to swallow; like those big vitamins that taste horrible and are about 5 times the size of a normal one. Hahaha! But when it comes down it it we have become so much better at knuckling down and getting the job done. We’re not what we would call full on entrepreneurs, per se, but dang it, we are working on it and in the future we have very high expectations for ourselves. It’s just obstacles that are very easy to overcome as long as we’re dedicated and dedication is our strong point!


What bands/musical artists inspire We The People?

So many bands inspire us. We all just love music in general. Genres and genres and genres, we love them all. Sometimes you will hear Cody singing an old Conway Twitty tune and then just moments later he will be belting out some gnarly lows from A Day To Remember. Zach has been a huge fan of some or the greatest math rockers like Chon and Animals As Leaders but you best believe he makes it to church every week and gets hype with the gospel!
Kevin: he’s like the super soup. This dude listens to it all from rap to punk rock, from Michael Jackson to As I Lay Dying, from The Temptations to The Bloodhound Gang. So honestly we can’t pinpoint 100% the bands we take the most from but more so just a conglomerate off all the great music we have listened to since we were kids.


If We The People had a mission statement/ mantra/ message to the world, what would it be?

Don’t stop trying to do what’s right. Not just for yourself but for your team and if you don’t have a team…make one because there are a lot of other people out there that need you and you might turn out to need them just as much. Were all put on this world together and we believe that’s it’s all a test to see how well we can all get along and see how far we can grow TOGETHER. So let’s just be the best we can as a team!


Which artists from this years Yonderville lineup are you most looking forward to?

We love sharing the stage with our buddies in LITZ. They are cool cats and it’s always legit when we play together. Props to those guys all day! Of Tomorrow …those guys…and gal are amazing: literally one of our favorite bands around! And lastly Voodoo Circuit. They are wonderful and are some tricksters with the tunes! All these groups we look up to and respect and know that they cannot disappoint!


Thanks guys! Can’t wait to see you at Yonderville and out on the road this summer!