Written by Cait Deane

The Jaden Carlson Band is a four piece “funksion” ensemble from Boulder, Colorado. This quartet performs music that blends techno, retro, funk, and dance grooves together to create lively, powerful music. Jaden Carlson is the youngest legitimate Red Rocks performer, and has  played numerous sit-ins with distinguished musicians like Umphrey’s McGee, Lettuce, Twiddle, The Werks, TAUK, Dopapod, The String Cheese Incident and many more!

Keep It Movin’ is Jaden Carlson Band’s newest album release, debuted on May 4th.  My initial impression of Keep It Movin’ is that it is a powerful, bright collection of songs that will have you boogieing on the dance floor, or bobbing your head along to the beat as you play it in your car.

As a whole, Keep It Movin’ has a motivational spirit to it. Jaden’s voice is uplifting and one-of-a-kind, having a quality about it that is uplifting and honest. Each song compliments the next, while still holding space for itself on the album. Transitions between tracks feel seamless, making the collection easy to listen to in its entirety.

I particularly enjoyed the third track on the album, “Take it Away.” This song starts off clean and strong, and bops right into the melody. This piece features Adam Deitch of Lettuce and Break Science. Jaden also liked this song herself:

“This one was super dope to record and produce because of all the layering that could be done once the initial tracking was complete. In later mixing, we started adding toppers, arpeggiators, and rhythm tracks to accentuate the tight structure of the track. My personal favorite part of the song is the bridge, where we had Deitch do some percussion, and then added a high synth lead that brought the bridge from a cool improv jam to a really sick section. We also added some panning between the rhythm guitar and the arpeggiator which created a kind of surround sound effect.”

Another song that stood out to me on the album was the sixth song, “Far Horizon.” I really enjoyed the musical landscape of this piece, and felt like it was the one that most made me feel like I had to get up and dance.

Overall, this album has fantastic momentum. I would highly recommend giving this album a listen if you’re looking to fill your life with music that is going to make you feel energized and effervescent!