Written by Elisha Gud

Tunes by Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead have been remastered and covered by bands for many many years. There’s a saying that “if it ain’t Jerry then it ain’t The Dead.” Well, The Acoustic Company’s album is beyond an exception to that saying. Some of The Dead’s most eclectic tunes fill this album with life and passion. The fifteen track album covers acoustic and electric renditions of “Bird Song,” “Viola Lee Blues,” “China Doll,” “Dire Wolf,” “Black Muddy River,” “Help On The Way,” and “Franklin’s Tower” — Just to name a few.

The first track on the album is “That’s It For The Other One,” this cover is nothing short of harmonically-rich with the mix of a psychedelic bluesy vibe. Starting out slow and picking up tempo as horns are added into the mix sending you into a total Dead-like vibe with the mix of acoustic feels for the entirety of the song.

The rest of the album continues with “So Many Roads.” Which within itself is already a slower song. This is one of the monumental Jerry ballads from the later years, which was an affirmation of his life and his travels. The Acoustic Company does an impeccable job grasping the full meaning of the lyrics in this song with their intoxicating vocals which completely mesmerize you and pull you in throughout this entire ballad.

With strong female vocals “Help On The Way” is the twelfth tune on this album and only three minutes and ten seconds long moves right into “Slipknot” and then onto “Franklins Tower,” which is a throw back to how The Grateful Dead played it on 6/19/1976 at The Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ.

“Attics of My Life” by the Grateful Dead from the album American Beauty is the last tune covered on this album. The incredibly spiritual song which is almost hymn-like within it’s presentation. “I have spent my life seeking all that’s still unsung,” the lyrics of this song along with the male/female vocalists and musicians in this band capture the essence and meaning that was The Grateful Dead and their music.

“Once in awhile you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look it right.”

Jerry Garcia