Opera House Live, bringing music and entertainment to Shepherdstown since 1910, is pleased to announce its list of entertainment and events in the month of January 2018  


In March we have two exciting, Opera House Live favorite’s returning to our live stage!


Upcoming Events


On Friday, March 3rd, one of Opera House Live’s favorite live acts, Better Off Dead is returning to our live stage. Each time this exciting live performance comes back we are sold out for one boisterous night!


Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead is so much more than a “tribute band.” [They] come at the music collected and lovingly reimagined by The Grateful Dead and The Jerry Garcia Band with the same sense of discovery, care, and exploration as our heroes. Better Off Dead aspires to play the music anew, often with fidelity to the past but just as often with the daring to forge our own path.


Broccoli Samurai

Broccoli Samurai will be back on Friday, March 30th for another killer live show! Since forming in Cleveland, OH in 2010, Broccoli Samurai has taken the club and festival scene by storm. Broccoli Samurai has sculpted a unique blend of their own sound making something fresh in the scene. The band has been thrilling audiences across the nation winning them a massive and fiercely loyal fan base with their synth-laden progressive electronica sound fused with soulful hints of funk and jazz. Eager fans pack dance floors and festival sets, waiting to get lost in the band’s ambient soundscapes, anticipating every note that will force them to move with reckless abandon.


Learn More : http://www.brocsam.com

About the Opera House


The Opera House was built in 1909 by U.S. Martin, who served as Shepherdstown’s mayor. Within that same year, it was sold to the Musser family who installed one of the earliest motion picture projectors. In 1928 the Opera House became the first motion picture theatre in West Virginia with sound, enabling it to show the newfangled “talkies.” Then, in 2010, Lawrence Cumbo purchased the building and business with a vision to take it to the next level. Since then, this vision has grown into one of the area’s finest music and film venues.