Written by Elise Olmstead

Hall Williams Band from the Baltimore-Washington area is eager to take their “sparkly” heartfelt jam music on the road in 2018, after winning Baltimore’s WTMD’s block party in 2017.   The tour is kicked off by the release of their new album “In His Own Words.” Hall Williams’ inspiration for many of the songs that he writes is his wish to uplift people and make them dance.

The influences of Jerry Garcia, Bob Marley, and Tom Petty are made obvious throughout the album, many songs featuring psychedelic electric guitar and introspective lyrics. Most of the tracks are mellow and positive, with different genres shining through each song.  “I Will Always Be Here For You” is influenced by blues country, “What You Believe” features lots of funky guitar, and “Go” is a sultry tune with a blues organ singing.  “Same Man” is another sentimental tune singing, “don’t you remember me, same man I used to be, why you look at me that way?” and possibly has the most Grateful Dead influenced of any song on the album.  “Willies Light” is obviously another Grateful Dead inspired track, and the longest song in the collection, clocking in at over 8 minutes.  The last track “Moving Forward” takes the band’s jam skills and turns them up, really getting into a good groove and featuring some fire guitar solos.

Hall William’s wish for a peaceful world is evident through his serene music, and is the perfect music to dance to live on a sunny day.  We’re glad the band decided to book a tour in 2018 — keep your eye out for many performances in Baltimore and other cities on their website www.hallwilliamsband.com.