Panski, A Road Less Traveled

Written by Amanda Marcazo

When you look up Panski on Facebook, as I did prior to writing this review, his description is listed as “House music with Southern Influences”. This is a perfect description for what I discovered upon listening to A Road Less Traveled. The record is four tracks full of dance groove and Southern Spice blended perfectly into something splendidly different. Think drinks with friends on a sunny day country porch somewhere in Georgia. That is the feel of Panski. I immediately want iced tea.

The first track is a cover of John Denver’s classic tale West Virginia mountains, “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. I grew up the daughter of a bonafide John Denver fan so to say I am familiar with this song is an understatement. I admit I came in with my judgment hat on. However, I can also admit to being pleasantly surprised by what I discovered. The song takes Denver’s soaring, soul deep song and threads it with feminine heart and a dance groove. Vocally assisted by the intriguing Ellena Soule. She also lends her pipes to a cover of Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up The Sun”. which is equally sweet and rather enchanting. I think Crow herself would be most delighted.

The record also features a cover of Willy Nelson’s often sung on road trips staple, “On The Road Again”. Vocally blessed by Rich Andruska, it’s a great toast to a classic that I had no idea I would enjoy picked up and flipped over as much as I did. Instead of feeling cheaply borrowed, it instead lends a lovely tribute to a well loved song. The fourth track is a cover of Pat Green’s “Wave On Wave”. It has a wonderful, earthy vibe that feels incredibly sunny and free. I really enjoyed the whole EP, but this might be my favorite track.

All in all, I had not planned on enjoying Panski as much as I did. If you are seeking something to extend your summer feel into the fall, pop Panski into the car stereo and hit the road. It’s a perfect addition to your soundtrack.