Crystal Clear—Chrysoprase

By Jocelyn Dietrich


Pronounced chris-o-prase, this stone is a more valuable variety of quartz called chalcedony. Derived from the Greek words chrys meaning ‘yellow or gold’ and prase meaning ‘leek,’ the name refers directly to the color. Chrysoprase is a beautiful light yellow-green or apple green color, often woven with nickel that creates vivid, beautiful patterns throughout the stone, thus none of them look quite the same. Chrysoprase is cryptocrystalline, which means it is composed of crystal [structures?] so fine that they cannot be seen under normal magnification. Deposits of green chalcedony can be [are?] found in Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, and the United States­­­—mostly in the southwestern region. Certain cuts and clarities of Chrysoprase look very similar to Emeralds and have been said to actually be [, which some say is actually?] the birthstone of May, as opposed to Emerald. This stone is found to be most appealing to Taurus, Gemini, and Libra.


The green of Chrysoprase vibrates directly with [alongside?] the heart chakra with a strong love energy, and also alongside the solar plexus chakra, the yellow of Chrysopras, bringing [ushering in?] energy of abundance. These combined energies bring [promote?] an abundance of love and prosperity. Chrysoprase is a positive energy for success in career and business endeavors, aiding in financial prosperity. Chrysoprase is also a strong energy to attract new love. It promotes grounding in self, heart, and detoxification, and helps the body to allow for healing [enables the body to heal?] and release emotions and habits that can be prone to [present in? typical in?] codependent relationships.


Described as the stone of love and truth, Chrysoprase promotes joy, happiness, and the feeling of love and forgiveness. Through [Using?] the vibration of Divine Truth, Chrysoprase heals heart energies [injured by?] anxiety and depression, and helps to release ego based negativity. Chrysoprase can aid in a good night’s sleep and prevent nightmares by releasing anxiety and depression, and promotes relaxation and meditation.


Through [Using?] its connection to love, acceptance, and abundance, Chrysoprase aids[helps?] balance yin and yang energies. These energies are opposite, but necessary for the [to be?] whole. Sometimes yin and yang are perceived as masculine and feminine energies, which tie this stone to relationship and hormone balancing and aiding in [promoting?] fertility. Chrysoprase is beneficial to women to regulate and balance their [moon? menstral? motor?]cycle [their energies during their menstral cycle?].