Written By: Matthew J. Hunnicutt

The long wait is over and festy season is upon us, so pack up your hammock, load up your coolers, and meet us in Dublin, VA  from April 21st to April 23rd for the fourth annual Progress Festival. So named for Progress Street in Blacksburg ,VA where the event was first held, Progress is a community run music festival which prides itself on educating the public and enriching our environment through art and music. Their mission: “To generate an avenue for artists to express themselves and excel at their craft; to create a unique blend of both local and out of state artists to have a positive and beneficial influence in our community”.

Progress will showcase 25 Musical acts, artists from all mediums, nonprofit and environmental speakers, all organic, locally sourced food, a Russian bath house/Sauna, mini Mario Games, and even helicopter rides. With all this activity, you won’t have to worry about not having a great time. Which is a good thing, as worrying is ILLEGAL at Progress Fest! Violators will be remanded to the “Fun Zone” where their symptoms will be treated with bubbles, adult coloring books, chickens, and welcoming arms. The festival is held on the lush lawns of Highland Farms in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains so be prepared  for warm days and cool nights.

Tickets are available now at www.progressfestival.com and are a steal at $35 a pop! So bring an open mind, a warm heart, a PMA (positive mental attitude), and a sense of adventure and we’ll see you there!