Written by: Elise Olmstead

People’s Blues of Richmond holds a very dear place in the hearts of The Jamwich team, so it was perfect that they were playing The 8×10, March 29th, just in time for our 5th birthday as a magazine!

The first time we met the band was in a basement bar of Shepherdstown, WV, where they immediately made me shake my bones and charmed me with their punk-edged quirkiness.  I remember the keyboardist carefully balancing a lit cigarette in his mouth as he played, and the wild-haired, shirtless lead singer flinging sweat and tears into the crowd.  We visited their hotel room across the street from where we live, rambled about our magazine, and convinced them to play our very first Mad Tea Party Jam, a modest party in the mountains of Hedgesville.

Since then we’ve shared tons of memories, including rides in the John Claude Band Vanne, late night Jimmy John’s orders, airsoft gun target practice on a Richmond roof, and many, many bottles of Jameson.  Each member–Tim Beavers, Neko Williams, and Matthew Volkes, became close to us in different ways.

But you see this guy?  This guy right here?

This is Matthew Volkes, and he is the real deal.  He’s a passionate musician, a sharp businessman, a tireless worker, and a best friend.  We thought you should get to know him a little bit like we do.  So we asked him a couple of questions.

Favorite Festival Food :   Corn Dogs. They aren’t messy and its mobile. I remember one time during a YMBFBB set at Camp Barefoot my buddy Al just slid the dog right off the stick and threw it into the crowd right when it got super funky,  so that might be why I like them the best . They are easy to throw.

Soft or crunchy tacos?  Soft Tacos.

One of The Best Bands Ever: Rolling Stones.

Most treasured Possession: Bass Guitar.

Favorite Beverage: Whiskey.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Happy and on stage with Tim and Neko playing music.

Who can always make you laugh? Tim [Beavers] can always make me laugh.

Favorite Pizza Topping: Ricotta Cheese.

If you aren’t satisfied, we don’t blame you.  Come out tonight and see them pour their hearts out on stage, and if you’re lucky you can nab their 25 song set list.  They’ll be bringing the heat alongside more Jamwich family favorites, Deaf Scene and Squaring the Circle.

Get your tickets now before it sells out.  Doors open at 8PM.