Papadosio Halloween Run Review
October 29-30, 2016
9:30 Club, Washington, DC
Written by Leslie Caneda
Photos by Jeff Myers
Papadosio has always been one of my go-to bands to fill the soundtrack of the little day to day moments and some of my greatest live music memories. From driving, to cleaning, to showering, to cooking, to gathering with friends, Dosio’s influence on their fans is an integral part of their lives, and the band continues to produce music to sync with the evolution and growth of all of us. Years ago, when painting a mural, I listened to an interview with Anthony Thogmartin. He mentioned how their inspiration comes greatly from the electronic sounds and composition of video games. I’ve always referred back to this interview when hearing their music, and this Halloween weekend made it only more apparent.
Friday night Consider the Source set the stage perfectly with their Mediterranean rock fusion, including some of their Radiohead covers many had wished to see again after the summer’s festival season. I thought their introduction blended well with Papadosio’s set that night, as it all flowed seamlessly into each other. Anxious fans were in costume, ready to embark on a “Halloweekend” adventure.
Papadosio kicked off their set with the heavy hitting “Frequence,” a jazzy number to get the crowd “wooing” in unison.  They went on to showcase their Pattern Integrities’ EP (based on the studies of Buckminter Fuller,) the with a dreamy “Threes” and “Each and Every Wave,” which reminds me of a digital rendition of an old television program. “Method of Control” was perfectly foretold by a word from Anthony about how likely we are to be threatened by everyday occurrences, than the people we are told to fear, inspiring a true sense of togetherness. They then threw in “Fuse,” a gem from their 2007 album, Macgreenery, which satisfied the old time fans.  “You and Yourself” got hips shaking, followed by the new tune, “Vactrillio” and “The Wrong Nostalgia” from Extras in a Movie.  Staying true to their gaming roots, “Mr. Turtle’s Cloud Kingdom” was a perfect song choice for a Halloween celebration.  “Frequence” was revisited to solidify the set, followed by a crowd pleasing “Holy Heck” encore from their album By the Light of the Stars, and “I’ll be damned,” it was a rocking jig. They did well to showcase their newest work, while plugging in old favorites.
Saturday the crowd was anxious to get silly in costume during SOOHAN.  Made in Baltimore, SOOHAN’s primal worldly style loosened up any tension and executed the perfect recipe to get asses dropping to his heavy hip hop beats laced with Arabian tones and flutes. Dosio, dressed all as video game characters, began their set with another track from Pattern Integrities, “Euclidean Lights,” displaying their new live looping and sequencing. The new material has incredible depth in percussion, and space-like dance riffs. “Bionic Man Meets His Past” followed and was sure to turn up the energy.  I felt it was a fantastic choice as the song builds and builds, and then arrives, making everyone feel as though they had landed hand-in-hand at a place of triumph and revelation.  “Omnifreeze,” from Pattern Integrities came next, then “2 AM” from Extras in a Movie. It’s definitely a hip shaker, a jazzy tune that I’ve found to be one of my favorites off of that album.  Next was “Unparalyzer,” an older song with lyrics to match its groove: “So under sunny starlight, she dances under moonlight, and you tantalize her, with your synthesizer.” The song moves effortlessly into a soft “Oblivion” and “Drift,” setting the mood for “Dire Docks,” the nostalgic water theme level from Mario.  This encouraged the crowd to get in full Halloween mode, laughing and reminiscing.
The band cleverly followed with “We Are Water” that put a perma-smile on our faces.  What came next ensured me why I had chosen to spend my Halloween with Dosio, and why I was chosen to write this review.  Sam Brouse, the keyboardist, dressed as Link from Zelda, raised his sword skyward in an impressive performance, while the band played the song, making every gamer’s dream come true. I knew I nerded out, and that my love for this band would only evolve. The set was wrapped up with a hard-hitting “Polygons” encore from Macgreenery, establishing a serious dance party.  Fans in all forms (including an inflatable T-Rex,) gave all the energy they had for this encore, and for a killer set.
Papadosio’s ability to infiltrate the hearts of their fans always impresses and surprises me. They are truly a band that deserves a following.  Their gaming roots cause their music to be incredibly fun and fresh, making everyone’s Halloween weekend a success. I’m always excited to see where the band takes their direction, and as fans, we feel we are a part of it. We are water, constantly flowing together as one.