Hello friend! We are here to inform you that a physical manifestation of your very BEST dreams will unfold this Spring. Today is a big day – today is the start of your journey toward previously unattainable truths. I am speaking of course, of Progress Festival. Disclaimer: In the past, people have collapsed from sheer anticipation while reading details about this event. Please be seated before continuing.

The full scoop:

Progress Festival is a two day, two night music and arts festival, taking place on Highland Farm in Dublin, VA April 29th – May 1st. Our primary mission is to give artists an opportunity to express themselves, find their audience, and facilitate growth in our local music scene in the New River Valley. We try to live up to the “Progress” in Progress Festival. We believe it is our

responsibility to give stage time to nonprofits, environmental, and/or progressive organizations to help spread consciousness about important issues we face in the world today. We attract artists from Nashville, Rhode Island, Richmond, D.C, etc, showcasing an eclectic mix of different genres and styles of musicianship. All artists camp with the attendees, many of whom are excited to simply spend time with them again. We strive to emphasize a free, artistic spirit, the love that we have for each other, and fulfill any attendee request that will help create the ‘perfect’ weekend. For example, we are providing all farm grown, pesticide free produce at an extraordinarily reasonable price. We have games, a helicopter, a sauna, etc. This year it will be illegal to worry about anything. All worriers will be sent to the “fun” zone, a 1×1’ installment full of bubbles and balloons.

Above: Two professed Progress Festors celebrate the love they have for the world. Those wooden letters were painted by festival attendees in Spring of 2014.


Check out our online presence and follow links to some of our artists’ amazing music:

www.progressfestival.com (Click artists on the lineup to discover new music)