Jake “Baby Hands” Goldberg joining the Werks – SassafraZ adds Doni Jai


Columbus, OH (January 22, 2016) – Jake “Baby Hands” Goldberg is leaving Columbus-based funk/rock band SassafraZ to replace Dino Dimitrouleas, the bass player in The Werks. Replacing Jake is local multi-instrumentalist Doni Jai, who has performed with K’Naan, Bono, Drake, Justin Bieber, Aaron Buckley Band, and Mojoflo. SassafraZ is extremely excited to work with such an accomplished player. SassafraZ kicks off a 30 show nationwide tour on February 20th in Cleveland at the Grog Shop. The tour wraps up with a hometown show at Park Street Saloon on April 9th with Dopapod.




Dear SassafraZ family,


We have some news to deliver. Unfortunately Jake is leaving the band at the end of the week.  He is going to join The Werks. It’s a huge opportunity and we are really happy for him, but we are definitely going to miss him a lot, as a musician and especially as a friend.


His last show will be Friday January 22nd at the Grog Shop in Cleveland.


We’ve been lucky enough to watch Jake grow immensely as a player in the last 3 years. I’d like to think we helped him along a little bit, but he’s a really talented guy and he is more than ready for this next step in his career. We can’t wait to see what he brings to the table with The Werks and we know he’s going to fit in great with that band. Dino has big shoes to fill, but Baby Hands has some big feet of his own and he’s going to be an excellent addition to their group.


So now you may be wondering who will be playing bass for SassafraZ. We are very excited to announce that the incredible Doni Jai will be taking over for Jake. Doni is a multi instrumentalist who previously was the musical director for K’Naan. He has also played with Bono, Justin Bieber, Drake, and many, many more. It’s pretty incredible that he is available to play with us, and we can’t wait to get to work with him. We are so excited to learn from DJ and with his help, take our music to the next level.


While this a pretty crazy change for all of us, everyone is excited about the future of both bands, and we are all still great friends. Look out for lots of SassafraZ/Werks collaborations this year. We plan on having Jake back as much as possible (especially since Doni can just switch over to guitar, keys, or drums).


So if you can come out to one of the shows this week, we highly recommend it. We’re going to be bringing the heat.




Jack, Zach, Thane, Dave, and Ian



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Spring Tour Dates:

2/20 – Cleveland, OH – the Grog Shop
2/25 – Cincinnati, OH – Stanley’s Pub
2/26 – Dayton, OH – Jimmies Ladder 11
2/27 – Columbus, OH – Skully’s Music Diner
2/29 – Denver, CO – Sancho’s
3/3 – Boulder, CO – Sancho’s
3/4 – Denver, CO – Quixote’s
3/5 – Denver, CO – Quixote’s
3/11 – Columbus, OH – Woodland’s Tavern
3/15 – Jacksonville, FL – Beacharang
3/16 – Orlando, FL – The Red Lion Pub
3/17 – Gainesville, FL – The Jam
3/18 – Boca Raton, FL – Funky Buddha
3/19 – Miami, FL – TBA
3/23 – Atlanta, GA – Aisle 5
3/24 – Asheville, NC – Asheville Music Hall
3/25 – TBA

3/26 – TBA
3/30 – Worchester, MA – Electric Haze
3/31 – Brooklyn – The Gutter
4/1 – Philadelphia, PA – TBA
4/2 – New Hope, PA – Triumph Brewing Company
4/9 – Columbus, OH – Park Street Saloon