Some Kind Of Jam 2015

By Cait Deane
Photography by Ellie Miller


Some kind of Jam 10 was a JibberJazz festival held in Schuylkill Haven, PA. The festival grounds were tucked away and surrounded by woods giving the space a very intimate feel, another one of Pennsylvania’s hidden treasures. Hosting over 30 musical acts on 4 different stages, with yoga, art and activities, workshops, fire performances and parades, this Springtime event is not one to miss!

There was car camping spread throughout the venue allowing a grand variety of space selection to set up camp. As soon as you entered the event you were greeted by energetic and accommodating staff, who gave you as much information as possible to prepare yourself for a wild weekend.

Early Birds that had the chance to arrive Thursday evening were treated to musical acts like Carbon Mirage, The Hair Cut, and Uncle Jake. Though April weather provided a chilly setting, it didn’t stop attendees from a night of fun!


Those who arrived after had a jam-packed weekend of music and activities. (Literally jam packed- SKOJ provided a delicious line up of music, workshops and art for the duration of the festival.) They were host to musical variety that spanned from funk to Jam, and Bluegrass to Reggae. Music headliners like Consider the Source, Particle, and the Motet drew in guests from all over the greater Pennsylvania area. Consider the Source was my personal favorite musical act- they have so much drive to their music and have the ability to keep the high energy of their set through the duration of their performance. An ‘Art Jam’ booth encouraged folks to paint and express themselves. Canvas and art supplies were provided for collaborative pieces, creating a communal art hub.

Some Kind of Jam felt like a family reunion. Everyone there seemed to have a constant smile and cheerful demeanor as festie family excitedly reunited with each other, and new friends greeted with hugs and warm introductions. Children were also ubiquitous at the festival, which I always think is such a treat, adding to the family feel and bringing a new spirit to the event.


There was a great variety of vendors at SKOJ. Booths colorfully lined the grounds in two different areas of the venue. From imports directly from Africa to handmade jewelry and clothing, there was something here for everyone.

The food was also great- one vendor even had unique yet surprisingly affordable seafood- like crab cake omlettes! Raving about their meals, checking out the food was one of the first things those already set up directed me to do after entering the grounds.

The facilities at Some Kind of Jam were also wonderful. The main stage was only built two years ago and provides a beautiful wooden centerpiece for the space. Its large wooden half shell shape helps rise performers up and push music out into the crowd. There were also three additional stages, one a pavilion/ indoor stage, a ‘madness stage’, and an outdoor campground stage. There was also a DJ igloo that was crafted by a clever camper, providing a spot to hang out in for a bit, smoke hookah in, and dance to avoid the wind for a bit. Although the weather was a bit chilly, it didn’t stop anyone from dancing (or hooping!) their hearts out. It warmed up a bit after Friday night but was a very fair weathered festival for April. The madness stage was poppin’ when Native Maze played their glorious three hour set! They have crazy chops and are incredibly in-tune with each other.


During my down time, I found a grassy spot and painted in front of the stage and enjoyed the music. There was also an abundance of fire circles which one could gather around for warmth and good conversation.

I commend Some Kind of Jam for really going all out on their 10th anniversary event. They brought in great acts, activities, had exemplary facilities, and a great staff. I can’t wait to return to this event next year. Jibber Jazz’s next big event is the Madsummer Meltdown- which any fan of their productions will encourage you to attend!