Written by: Andrew Brown

    At the 8×10 Club in Baltimore, Manifest lovers were lucky enough to hear the eclectic, glitchtronic, freak-tweaking abilities of David Sugalski, better known as The Polish Ambassador. Producing sounds known to come out of the “other” Bay Area, Oakland-based Sugalski envokes memories of tweek kings Glitch Mob and the early creations of one Lorin Bassnectar Ashton. For those searching for a contrast in style, Ample Mammal (Sugalski’s trip-hop psuedo-name) is the ying to The Polish Ambassadors yang. This Autonomous Music recording artist, now among the likes of Ohio sonic monsters, Papadosio, and San Diego’s Bluetech, has a new album out entitled, “Superpowers”, which can be found on his offical website. With the addition of his previous Ample Mammal album, “Mating Season”, eight albums and 30 remixes have been released as a free to download discography encompassing more than eight hours of music.

   After going from one electronic hole in the wall to the next, it’s common to notice some DJs relying, some more heavily than others, on mixing hip-hop samples synergistically with their delicately layered melodies. There are great examples of this style from Big Galactic’s “Notorious Thugs” remix to Pretty Lights “Sunday School”, proving hip-hop to be very alive within the scene. Although Sugalski’s opening acts played with many “trap musik” samples through out the night, a glimmer of change was dead ready to hit as that gold n’ blue astronautic ambassador was set to engage:

“One, two, three!
Mos Def and Talib Kweliii
We came to rock it to the tip-top
Best alliance in hip hop, awhyooooo!”From the beginning, everyone was live on their feet, loving Sugalski’s remix of “Definition” by New York-based duo, Black Star. With his own reduction of this classic hip-hop track set to futuristic bleeps and cosmically layered melodies, The Polish Ambassador was in mode to blast off.  Interlaced with goodies, The Polish Ambassador played his original material infused the voices of Yonkers-based duo, M.O.P, with “Ante Up” and the late Nate Dogg with a glitch mix of “Regulate”, among others. Still, through sampling other genres from Local Natives to George Michael, The Polish Ambassador keeps his act undoubtedly fresh. Unfortunately in this day and age, with program friendly software from Fruity Loops to Pro Tools, some electronic music seems to be losing its magic. At times the genre can seem to be a monster set loose, while other times feeling just plain static and lazy. Thankfully this was just the opposition needed to end the night on a seriously positive note.  Hopefully, the next time David Suglaski comes to Baltimore he’ll reveal himself as Ample Mammal so we can indulge in the fresh taste of a extremely flavored new artist.  Until then, if you have the chance, please give yourself the luxury of an intergalactic vacation with… The Polish Ambassador.

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Photographs courtesy of :
Claire Wiggles http://www.facebook.com/Wiggleoptics