Today just happens to be fathers day, so it only seems fair that one my kids would start it off right. Last night, just before a squirrel, foolishly, sacrificed itself to the gods of electricity, and blacked out my neighborhood, my 3yr old, started requesting The Beatles-Yellow Submarine, I contented her by PLAYING the soundtrack, while flipping through the internet for topics, (Hey, I’m new at this. What can i say?). I was singing along with her til the power went out, (ALWAYS a bummer, when you’re having a good time at home). So she went to bed and I tried to illuminate my house, without burning it down… I know downer right? It gets better…

I was determined, this morning, to put that movie on for her and get my column done, when I got completely sucked into what is a Great, and truly Classic piece of  art. Watching Yellow Submarine with Seeley, who’s watched it a million times, is AMAZING! Two generations removed from the era the music, visual  art, and characterizations, she’s ENTHRALLED by it! She knows all the songs, dances along, and has the plot-lines down forward and back! Watching it with her every time is just, well… cool.

Watching it takes me back to when I was younger, watching it at the lakefront in Columbia, every year. From when I was just a kid, with my family, to nearly in my twenties with my friends, the sights and sounds of this work, somehow captured the senses of child and adult alike. The mesmerizing Strings of the dreary, but beautiful, Elenor Rigby, the fun honesty of when I’m sixty four, the truthful declarations of All You Need is Love. Combined them with the Whimsical and Comedic characters of The Beatles themselves, as well as vibrant and inventive, art and cinematography, you have a vehicle that inspires and encourages camaraderie, and flights of fancy all around.

The Beatles magic, transcended their time with their creativity, to touch and entertain future generations I can’t think of a better thing to share with a child on Fathers Day!

Thanks Kid, and Happy Fathers day, to child and Fathers alike!!!!

–Rodney Moore