Festival season is here and as we all venture out for our long weekends of fun to enjoy good music and good friends, the party is not the only thing that is important. As Appalachian venues open their gates and we make ourselves at home for the weekend it is important to respect the land we’re on and be as environmentally conscious as possible. It seems everything these days is geared to going green in our daily lives, so why not continue to lessen your footprint and help festival staff out as well. Here are some simple tips for the upcoming festival season:

Travel smart. Carpool and plan your route to save money, reduce pollution and preserve resources

Camp and pack responsibly.

Bring reusable items you can wash with biodegradable camping soap and use them throughout the festival instead of bringing throwaway plates, cups, untensils, etc.

Bring reusable or bulk items instead of individual packaged items.

Bring separate waste bags for compost, trash and recyclables. Many festivals are conscious of providing appropriate and divided receptacles, but it is important do your part at camp as well.

The world is not your ashtray. For you cigarette smokers out there put your butts in your pocket or carry a travel ashtray to use. This goes for stage side and back at camp.

Pack water responsibly. Instead of buying cases of small water purchase larger ones and bring a reusable bottle you can fill. Many of the venues will have potable water stations where you can fill containers and take back to camp or fill your personal bottle on the way in and out of the venue.

As you move from area to area, notice trash and other waste and pick it up. Put it where it needs to go and do your part. We’re all responsible for keeping the grounds green.

Costumes and toys.  The glow sticks and all the silliness is fun, but be conscious of what only gets used once and the packaging it comes in. There are many awesome products on the market now that use rechargeable batteries or solar power that have the same effect that can be used over and over again throughout the season.

It’s not a throwaway world.

Have fun, get down and stay green!