I know I’m not the only weekend warrior. In fact, they’re a huge segment of music/art fans that just because of life, have a hard time devoting the time they want to the things they love. With responsibilities, bills, and all the little things that just make up modern “civilized” life, it’s a wonder how any one gets time at all for these things. I know at least few of us, though, that manage as much as we can handle, sometimes more.

Classic scenario: steady job, predictable hours, and every moment of free time is obligated to some little this or that. Whether it’s fixing something around the house, or making time to throw the ball with your boy. Every moment of our lives feel like it has an appointment already scheduled. You grab any chance to escape into the music and melodies that take you out of the everyday. Be that taking the long way home so you finish the set you pulled off archives last night, or finding any excuse to introduce your coworker to that awesome Jam you heard the other day. We all do it, and cherish it, we juggle all these aspects in our life so that once or twice a month (if you’re real lucky) you get a chance to clear that board and go out and hear someone, somewhere, play some music that reaches out and touches your soul. It doesn’t have to be some big elaborate trip to the city to go see the big draws, or long rage filled weekend at a festival show (though both are equally awesome). All it needs are some people behind the instruments who put themselves into every note they play, be it their song, someone else’s or something made up right then and there, the magic happens. All the work worries and stress just get to go away while it’s just the music you, and the people you love to have in your life.

So I raise my glass to all of us out there, We work hard, laugh hard, and rage harder, we live our life we our love life.

Hopefully we’ll see you at the show.