Heady Grilled Cheeses! Heady Birth Control! 2 for 10, 3 for 15!

Welcome to “The Lot”.

If you have ever been in “The Lot”, you know exactly what this assembly is about. Give-Aways, auctions, and monetary transactions for pins, memorabilia, posters, tshirts, tickets, art, jewelry… Just some heady folk trying to share and spread their love.

This facebook group is a virtual lot selling all of the creative and handmade, one of a kind kind items that you crave.  Promote your own products and network.  Great if you can’t make it to many shows!  This group will allow you to never miss out on the current merchandise being made and sold.

You want it, “The Lot” has it! Just remember to inquire and bid only if you are serious. To get started, please join our Facebook group here. Enjoy and keep it heady!