Written by Cait Deane

Marbin is a Chicago based jazz-rock band that regularly plays shows across the United States and at Jam and Jazz festivals worldwide. The band has gained hundreds of thousands of fans, mainly through word of mouth, as folks are memorized by their prolific talent.  The band is composed of Danny Markovitch on the saxophone, Everette Benton Jr on the drums, Dani Rabin on the guitar, and Jon Nadel on the bass. Their newest album, Strong Thing, is a 10 track collection that will be available December 10th.

Highlighting a few of my favorite tracks on the album, “Messy Mark” is a stand out piece. This song is quick, jazzy, energetic with heavy undertones. The refined melody of the saxophone solo shines in this song, rocking your ears with intricate scales. This song builds without bursting, and you can hear blues influences sprinkled throughout. It is enchanting, fast, and completely impressive, showcasing the band’s control and their skillful range. 

“Alabama Sock Party” is the next song I’d like to mention, it’s another fun, fast paced feast for the ears. I’m not sure what an “Alabama sock party” is but if it’s anywhere near as exciting as the song I’d love to be a part of it. Dani’s skill on the guitar shines like a star. Markovitch adds to the complexity of this piece when he layers his saxophone solo into the mix. You can really tell how well the band members communicate with each other by how they are able to balance and layer so much talented musicianship with careful composition. They are able to create songs that are complicated, but not muddied by too much sound.

In their track “Spank Tank” you can really hear Dani’s personality come through in his style of playing the guitar. In this piece all of the band members again take turns showcasing their endless talent. This song is a wonderful example of where you can really hear the variety of influences that have shaped the band. From progressive rock to Middle Eastern the blend creates music that is like no other.

“Itchybun” is a dynamic piece. It is smoother in parts than other songs broken down in this review but it builds up to the same amount of energy! The diversity in this track makes it very entertaining, with clean transitions from one part to the next, it is an enjoyable audible ride for the listener.

Marbin’s newest collection is a successful addition to their discography. Strong Thing is a modern jazz album worthy of purchase, so that you can listen to these masterfully composed pieces again and again. The music on this album is smart, original, and eclectic- perfect for any music lover. Technically proficient, creative, and gripping Strong Thing is not to be missed!