Written by Nicole Scott

Released in January of this year, Nipper the Band released their first powerhouse of an EP entitled Practice. Despite the name, the technicalities of this 4-track record are anything but a practice. As a listener, you hear this immediately as the first track, “Pretty Rich Girl”, begins with its avant-garde harpsichord-style riff, leading into an almost baroque alternative rock jam with vibrant complementary vocals to accompany. 

Featuring Paul LoPresti (vocals, keys), Jeffrey Glenn (guitar, vocals), and Chris Sannino (drums, vocals), and additional musicians on cello, violin, and electric bass, there is no shortage of talent and variety here. Not only does the outfit of Nipper play the instruments, but they also compose, arrange, program, and produce Practice in its entirety.

You can expect a blend of genre influences, including everything from electro grunge, acid/power pop, and new wave. In one track, you have swing style piano, and in the next, a solo from precise fingers on an electric guitar. 

Following the opening track is a nice pace and progression from big party sounds to tension and drama. This is wonderfully executed by a wonderful wavering between slow, evocative points which crescendo into powerful anthems. “Charlatans” almost feels like a ballad with its passionate lyrics (which are present in each song), pulsing a deep, pop bass backing its psychedelic rock influence: “I can’t wake up, I can’t shake this off. The future is here and tastes so soft. No resisting. You’ve been missing out. You’re missing the point.” 

The way each song is constructed allows the lyrics to pair well. The ebb and flow of hard and soft allow a sense of urgency to be felt the lyrical storytelling alongside the sharp precision of the instrumentation. There are lots of surprises and layers to these four songs. Get your ears ready for a party, because this EP is fun (and loud!)

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