Written By: Katie Clayton

If you thought you just couldn’t wait any longer for new music from Ginada Piñata, now you don’t have to. Ginada Piñata is making their long awaited return with a brand new album that will be released late this January.

Ginada Piñata’s new self-titled album is set to be released on January 26th, 2018. The quartet, who has been playing together for over 20 years, has not released an album since their debut of “Talkin’ to the Boss” in 2001. Taking the path of least resistance they chose the self-titled album as another way to hit the pavement and put themselves out there to their listeners.

The band got its start back in the late 90’s when acid jazz was really starting to take off. While those original sounds that they became known for are more than evident in their latest album they’ve also found a way of incorporating funk, rock, fusion, as well as drum and bass to create a sound that really accentuates their talent as musicians.

What I really liked about this album was the utilization of drum and bass, the consistency that it brings to each piece, specifically in “Open Road” and “Joe” allows for some really diverse and unexpected experimental sounds to come through. The sudden and short stops leave you hanging on by a note only to be carried away by a fusion of toe tapping sounds.

“A1E”, the second track on the album, starts off with a minute long piano solo by keyboardist Sam Jannotta that opens up to more funky, downtempo beats. While their track  “Hawaii” has you dancing through a myriad of chord progressions by guitarist Ken Bussey, something that the band claims has undeniably helped shape their sound.

Ultimately, I found the album to be a great representation of the longstanding relationship that the band shares with one another. Each song allows them to shine individually yet has a tightness and syncopation to it that all great jazz bands strive for.

With so many bands cranking out album after album I have nothing but respect for groups that take the time to methodically piece together work and continue to march to the beat of their own drum. The quartet will be playing two shows to mark their release on January 26th at Opera House LIVE (w/ Washington D.C. powerhouse, Of Tomorrow) and January 27th at Café Nola. I’d be sure to keep your eye out for these guys in the 2018 festival circuit as well!

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